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An electric bicycle is a computer on wheels

The new Chinese electric bike contains perhaps even more technology than the Greyp.

Virtual yacht sold for $ 650,000:

Metaflower Super Mega Yacht is the name of an ultra-luxury yacht that exists in The Sandbox metaverse and was recently sold as NFT to one of the players for an incredible $ 650,000

Great news for mobile gaming – Sony is working on controllers for smartphones

Sony seems to be re-launching efforts to play games on smartphones. They could work on a controller like the PlayStation that connects to your smartphone.

New electric hypercar with 6 motors and 6 wheels

American hypercar manufacturer Hennessey has announced its new futuristic electric vehicle project, an electric hypercar under the name Project Deep Space.

New problem for Google Pixel 6 series

Several Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have approached Reddit to complain that their phone is randomly losing mobile network service, even though their older device did not have such problems.

SpaceX before bankruptcy: Elon Musk warns that something must change now

The CEO of SpaceX did not say that bankruptcy is uncertain. But he said that it is not impossible and that it will happen if the current problems aren't solved.

Vivo S12 Pro reveals a notch that we almost forgot

The vivo S family will soon have new members, a tipster on Weibo revealed. The vivo S12 and vivo S12 Pro are planned to arrive soon!


The perfect example of the philosophy of the firm. One piece of gold (King Gold) with ceramic bezel. Hublot presents a new version of its Big Bang. 

Qualcomm: New handheld G3x with 144Hz

Different manufacturers have different interpretations of game consoles. In recent years, streaming models have been added to the previous consoles

MacBook Pro joins Samsung and OnePlus

The owner of the Apple MacBook Pro recently suffered minor injuries as their laptop battery spontaneously ignited. It is a 2015 MacBook Pro laptop.

Microsoft is trying to prevent users from using Chrome

Windows 11 users who try to download Google Chrome via Microsoft's Edge browser are shown pop-ups that seem to dissuade them from their plans.



Parag Agrawal, the new Twitter main man

WHO IS THE NEW MOST POWERFUL MAN OF THE TWITTER NETWORK: Parag Agraval replaced Jack Dorsey and "announced" changes to the current rules

The preorder for the Motorola g200 has started

Motorola g200 5G is equipped with the fastest processor on the market, the ultra-powerful Snapdragon 888 + 5G mobile platform. 

Battlefield 2042: Patch 3 has some big problems

Thursday morning at 9 a.m., the big patch will be rolled out, which apparently does not require any downtime. Another patch will be added in December.

Android Auto is going completely wireless in the near future

The technology giant told its component suppliers that demand for its largest, most important and leading product weakened just before the holiday season.

Intel is hoarding old hardware in a secret warehouse on the coast of Costa Rica

ccording to a report in the Wall Street Journal, there are around 3,000 hardware and software products in a secret Intel warehouse in Costa Rica.

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Bose has to pay a fine for fixing prices

The Federal Cartel Office  has imposed a fine on the German Bose GmbH for allegedly preventing pricing there. The dealers were monitored

LG to shut down bootloader unlock service

When LG officially announced its exit from the smartphone market earlier this year, it assured LG smartphone users that it would continue to provide software updates for some devices. However, this obligation to update the software only applied...

Raptor Lake in Benchmark Database

A new Intel CPU has appeared in a benchmark database that is believed to be Raptor Lake. The model would confirm the rumored more cores.

Thunderbolt 3: new external graphic card housing

With the Gearbox 500, the hardware manufacturer Sapphire Technology from Hong Kong presents a new external graphics card housing.


The Corum Bubble is one of the most original and fun watches of the 21st century. A limited edition with the image of a luminescent skull celebrates 21 years.

RUSSIA SUES APPLE: They want the App Store to open

The problem arose because the payment methods in iOS applications are controversial, as developers are asked not to include other companies' systems.

Standard browser selection is made easier

Microsoft caves in and facilitates the selection of the standard browser with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509.

Almost 100 square centimeters of premium quality

The MSI MEG Z690 Godlike shows a premium claim of almost 100 square centimeters. MSI did not include its flagship at the Alder Lake launch.

Production of new Steam Deck nearing finalization

The production of Valve's Steam Deck is apparently in the final phase: Valve has meanwhile also unveiled the packaging for the handheld.




THE RESTRICTIONS CONTINUE: Banks are to stop supporting cryptocurrencies

Following a ban on the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment within the country, which China introduced in mid-May, the government informed banks and payment platforms to stop supporting cryptocurrencies.

When will Musk’s tweets stop influencing Bitcoin’s value?!

Elon's last tweet takes Bitcoin from 39,000 to 36,000 dollars! People from the 'crypto' sector cling to the fact that the drop is less than previous one.

Bitcoin is not calming down! One Bitcoin is currently worth over $ 65,000

BITCOIN jumped over 100% in 2021, while it rose over 30% in October alone.

Collapse and bewilderment: Bitcoin in the first half of 2021!

Cryptocurrency is increasingly moving towards becoming part of the investment and commercial mainstream, with the help of large financial firms and companies that are already accepting this new asset as payment.

Ethereum Switches to New Protocol!

If you are one of the users who had big problems with buying a graphic card for your PC, here is good news for you. Ethereum plans to switch to the "Proof of Stake" protocol in the next few months and completely eliminate mining using graphic cards.