A lot of minivans will only drive electrically

Photo Credits : Opel / promo

At the start of 2022, the Stellantis brands Opel, Peugeot, and Citroën announced that their family vans will now only be available with electric drives. However, there is one exception.

Europe created a program called “Fit for 55” with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions and limiting global warming to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not enough for just one sector to make an effort to be environmentally friendly. Every single citizen should contribute with his behavior. In 2020, the transport sector was responsible for around 20.3 percent of Germany’s total CO2 emissions. To reduce harmful emissions, only e-cars are to be registered as new vehicles within the EU from 2035. In the case of Opel, Peugeot, and Citroën, this is, in part, already the case today. From now on, family vans from the three brands belonging to the Stellantis Group will only be fully electric.

Technical data, range, prices of electric vans from Opel, Peugeot and Citroën      

Opel is now offering the small Combo Life, the medium-sized Zafira Live, and the largest Van Vivaro Combi only as e-cars. At Citroën, the vans Berlingo and Spacetourer are only offered with electric drive, and at Peugeot, the Rifter and Traveler are only available as electric versions. All of the family vans mentioned share the same technical basis with the EMP2 platform and only differ in their appearance and some equipment details. The manufacturers indicate ranges – depending on the model and battery size – between 231 kilometers and almost 330 kilometers. The Opel Zafira-e Life achieves the greatest range with a 75 kWh battery pack, which is sold for 65,600 dollars.

Small Vans:      

  • Citroën e-Berlingo M : 4,403 x 1,848 x 1,844 mm with 205/60 R16 tires. Battery capacity: 50 kWh. Range: 285 kilometers. Price: 41,900 dollars.
  • Opel Combo-e Life M: 4,403 x 1,921 x 1,841 mm with 205/60 R16 tires. Battery capacity: 50 kWh. Range: 285 kilometers. Price: 43,500 dollars.
  • Peugeot e-Rifter L1 : 4,403 x 1,848 x 1,874 mm with 205/60 R16 tires. Battery capacity: 50 kWh. Range: 282 kilometers. Price: 44,100 dollars.

Large vans:      

  • Opel Vivaro-e Combi M: 4,998 x 1,956 x 1,971 mm with 215/65 R16 tires. Battery capacity: 50 or 75 kWh. Range: 231 kilometers (50 kWh) or up to 329 kilometers (75 kWh). Price: 48,300 dollars (50 kWh) or 54,000 dollars (75 kWh).
  • Citroën e-Spacetourer XS: 4,600 x 1,920 x 1,900 mm with 225/55R17 tires. Battery capacity: 50 or 75 kWh. Range: 230 kilometers (50 kWh) or up to 322 kilometers (75 kWh). Price: 59,340 dollars (50 kWh) or 65,700 dollars (75 kWh).
  • Peugeot e-Traveller L2: 4,959 x 1,920 x 1,948 mm with 225/55R17 tires. Battery capacity: 50 or 75 kWh. Range: 224 kilometers (50 kWh) or up to 330 kilometers (75 kWh). Price: 59,360 dollars or 66,200 dollars.
  • Opel Zafira-e Life M: 4,959 x 2,010 x 1,895 mm with 225/55R17 tires. Battery capacity: 50 or 75 kWh. Range: 231 kilometers (50 kWh) or up to 329 kilometers (75 kWh). Price: from 53,800 euros (50 kWh) or from 57,350 euros.

All family vans use an electric motor from Vitesco, which mobilizes 100 kW/136 hp in Sport mode and provides propulsion with 110 hp in the standard Comfort mode. The torque available from the first revolution in each driving mode is 260 Nm and should therefore be sufficient for overtaking maneuvers. In addition to the identical electric motor, the onboard charger is designed identically in all electric vans, so that – if the battery temperature and the outside temperature are right – the maximum charging capacity is 100 kilowatts at DC fast-charging stations. Depending on the battery capacity, charging from 20 to 80 percent takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

Combustion versions are only available for commercial customers      

If you are a corporate customer and want to buy one of the Stellantis vans for your business, you can still buy commercial vehicles with diesel engines as an alternative to the electric versions. Only private customers no longer have the opportunity to buy the Stellantis vans with combustion engines as new vehicles. However, none of the family vans from the Stellantis Group have sold in large numbers to consumers, at least in comparison to passenger cars such as an Opel Astra. At Opel, the Combo Life and the Zafira Life accounted for less than 10 percent of all vehicles sold in 2021.

From the year 2028, both Opel and Peugeot will only offer fully electric new vehicles within Europe, but both brands will continue to offer vehicles with combustion engines outside of Europe. Also from 2028, Chrysler will become a pure electric car brand and, like Opel and Peugeot, will focus on affordable electric cars. As early as 2027, the premium brand Alfa Romeo, which also belongs to the group, will be transformed into a pure electric car manufacturer. The two premium brands DS and Lancia are the fastest to transform within the Stellantis Group. Both the French manufacturer DS and the Italian brand Lancia will only sell electric cars from 2024. It is unclear when Citroën, Dodge, Fiat/Abarth, Jeep, and Ram will only offer electric vehicles. By 2024, all 14 brands of the Stellantis Group want to offer e-cars in addition to combustion engines.