A new update for Returnal has arrived that introduces Photo Mode and Suspend Cycle

Photo Credits : Housemarque / promo

Housemarque has released a new update for the PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal that introduces two new features to the game – Photo Mode and Suspend Cycle.

While Photo mode is always a fun addition to any game, Suspend Cycle is actually what many players have been wanting. Despite the fact that the game received a number of positive ratings from reviewers and players, the same criticism was repeated – the lack of the option to continue playing after the game was shut down. That Suspend Cycle just solves that problem.

This feature will stop the game when activated and create a special point from which it is possible to continue playing later after shutting down the game or console. As soon as this point is used in the next game, it can no longer be used in case you fail to complete the “run”. Also, the developers have implemented certain restrictions on this feature that will prevent it from being used during Boss battles, cinematics, FPV parts, or during any active battles.

By: Amber V. – Zexron