AMD has identified 27 security risks, updates are already available

Photo Credits : amd / promo

AMD has identified 27 security risks in its Radeon graphics drivers for Windows 10 . These vulnerabilities, according to AMD, “could lead to escalation of privileges, denial of service, disclosure of information, bypassing KASLR, or arbitrary writing to the kernel memory,” so we recommend updating GPU drivers as soon as possible.

AMD cited vulnerabilities in the security bulletin , saying 18 of the 27 problems were “high” in severity. One of the problems (CVE-2020-12960) causes amdfendr.sis to handle input validation incorrectly, which can lead to service denial. The second (CVE-2020-12892) has an unreliable search path in the Radeon installer, which can lead to escalation of privileges or unauthorized code execution.

AMD solved all the problems by updating the drivers, but the company did not solve them all at once. The first group of problems was solved with Radeon software version 20.7.1, but the last problems did not receive fixes until version 21.4.1.

This all emphasizes how important it is to always check and update your drivers on time. Almost every release comes with a number of vulnerabilities, but it often takes weeks or months for those vulnerabilities to be discovered – long after the update is released.

Not to mention the performance benefits that GPU drivers often bring. In addition to optimizing for new games, new drivers can generally push additional performance out of your hardware. A study of GPU benchmarks showed a 9% improvement with AMD’s RX 6800 KST since launch, which was mainly due to driver optimization.

Drivers can also solve non-gaming issues. In August, AMD released an updated driver to improve 4K playback on YouTube, and updates to AMD’s Ryzen drivers solved a problem that could reveal user passwords. New drivers are constantly resolving these issues, so you should check for updates as often as possible.

By: Amber V.