Antec NX260-RGB and mesh for budget gamers

Photo Credits : antec/promo

Antec’s new budget gamer housing offers an attractive design with a total of three RGB fans and very good cooling performance for built-in components. Super price makes it a great choice for mainstream gaming PCs.

With its latest NX260 case, Antec offers us a mesh design on the front in combination with three built-in ARGB fans at an extremely affordable price, making this case especially suitable for budget mainstream gaming computers. It is a fairly compact housing that surprised us with a rather small mass of only 4.3 kg. On the left side there is a glass panel that does not cover its entire surface, but about three-quarters.

Visual attraction

The housing is distinguished by a modern design and already at first glance looks very appealing. This is primarily due to the design of the front in mesh version, behind which there are three 120mm ARGB fans. This design ensures adequate performance in terms of cooling the built-in components, making the RGB fan look very effective.

On the top side of the case, we find the usual ON button and headphone and microphone jacks, and there are certainly three easily accessible USB ports (one of which also supports USB 3.0) and a special button for adjusting the RGB lighting of built-in fans. It should be noted that in addition to the usual light effects, you can adjust the permanent monochromatic light. In order to be able to adjust the RGB effects to help the keys on the top side of the case, it is necessary to connect the corresponding SATA cable to the power supply.

If we look inside, it is clear that this is a fairly compact mid-tower housing. The advantage of such a design is in the fact that it will take up relatively little space on the workbench, but on the other hand, such a design conditions certain compromises. First of all, if you install a hard disk, you will be able to place a video card with a maximum length of 310 mm, in this case, a processor cooler with a maximum height of 160 mm, and a maximum length of 185 mm. In addition to the three already installed front fans, you can place larger water coolers exclusively from the front, while the installation of additional 120mm fans is supported from the upper side where two fit and from the rear where one fits.

Budget best buy!

The interior is done very well and we have no major objections here. It is quite clear that this is a budget case for mainstream gaming computers. If you install the usual mainstream components with, for example, one or two SATA SSDs, and one hard disk, the places will be quite enough. With a little effort, you will be able to arrange all the cables very well and provide a fairly neat interior.

The main asset of the new Antec enclosure is certainly very good performance in terms of cooling the built-in components and a visually very effective front with three built-in ARBG fans, all together at a very reasonable price. A key minus, however, is the inability to install video cards longer than 310 mm, as well as the quality of the materials used, that is, the manufacture of a case that is not at the level of some higher quality.

However, regardless, the NX260 is a highly recommended budget gaming case that can allow you to stack a very attractive mainstream gaming computer with more than good performance in terms of component cooling.

Purchase it HERE for $79.99