At least it’s not easy to destroy – Pixel 6 Pro on endurance test

Photo Credits : steven winkleman/verge

The Pixel 6 series is receiving considerable blows from reviewers and users in its first days on the market, so at least a successfully passed endurance test will probably offer them at least some relief.

These days, the newly arrived Pixel 6 phones are receiving mostly negative comments from all sides. It started with the flickering screen of the larger Pixel 6 Pro.

It continued with a slower charge than the declared 30W, and the Android 12 OS itself did not remain indebted.

Namely, it was revealed that changing the Material You theme ruins the games, however, it is assumed they will fix it through software.

The most famous phone torturer on the Internet, JerryRigEverything, has now grabbed a Pixel 6 Pro and attacked it with conventional weapons.

He first proved that the Pixel 6 Pro compared to its predecessor is equipped with a metal frame and glass at the rear and front. Pixel 5, let us remind you, had an aluminum unibody housing coated with some kind of resin that was cut with a knife.

Pixel 6 is metal on all edges. Only one plastic part is implemented on the top of the phone, which probably has the task of passing the 5G signal to the antennas under the hood.

In the bending test, the Pixel 6 Pro proved to be a durability champion and generally proved to be very durable, that is, more durable than many others that Zack tried to destroy.

By: Amber V. – Zexron