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AOC GH401 review: cheap and good

The company shows its goal to offer us high-quality peripherals without giving up basic qualities such as design, comfort, or durability.

Windows erase tool: does not completely clean data

By using this tool, the storage unit should be completely clean,and not be able to find any part of the personal data of the previous user, you.

Overview: Corsair K100 RGB, most complete keyboard

A detail that always improves ergonomics is the backrest, especially when it is padded and thus relaxes the pressure on the joints

Samsung Galaxy Book new model on MVC 2022

The company promises to improve the thickness and weight of its equipment (the Galaxy Book series has always stood out in these aspects).

Black Shark 4 Pro: A top gaming phone

The Black Shark 4 Pro, the flagship model of this family of gaming smartphones formerly part of Xiaomi

Review: Mi AloT AX3600 – powerful for every home

All you need to do is plug it in and plug the LAN cable from your cable modem into the WAN port. This reduces interference, giving the signal quality range.

Quick review: New cheap Trust GXT 834 Callaz

Dedicated to not being limited to this approach and maintaining high versatility, which allows it to offer a good user experience

ASUS ROG Flow X13: Everything You Need to know

If we look only at the basic machine, we get a 2-in-1 laptop with a high-performance processor, lots of RAM and enough storage space

ASUS ZenViFi Pro KST12: WiFi up to 11000 Mbps

Immeasurable performance, better coverage and futuristic design is what ASUS is announcing with its new WiFi 6 Mesh tri-band ZenViFi Pro KST12 system. With a new generation of Broadcom 64-bit 2 GHz CPU and Wi-Fi...