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E-cars are allowed to park in underground garages

An owner company that wanted to ban the parking of electric cars in underground garages due to the possible risk of fire failed in court.

Gigabyte with BIOS update for “upcoming CPU”

Gigabyte has made a BIOS update for mainboards of the 400 and 500 series available for download - "for upcoming new CPU support". 

Elden ring sets new player record on Steam

From Software's Elden Ring was released on February 25th, and now the open-world role-playing game has reached a new player record on Steam.

Battlefield 2042: The break is finally over

After a month's break since the announcement of the new roadmap for Battlefield 2042, the developers were initially silent. 

Elden Ring is playable on Steam Deck

Elden Ring and Steam Deck both launched on Friday, February 25th, 2022. What could be more obvious than to see if Elden Ring is also playable on the Steam Deck.

This War of Mine: Review Bombing by Chinese Users

11 Bit Studios had announced that it would donate the proceeds from the next few days of its anti-war game This War of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross

Stellaris: Second Guardian Update 3.3 is here

As expected, the developers of Stellaris have released Patch 3.3. The Libra update brings a whole range of interesting new features.

Battlefield 2042: Weekly mission suspended

The developers of Battlefield 2042 have suspended the weekly mission due to "current events" for reasons of reverence. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 1.5 brings trailer face of V

CD Projekt has turned Cyberpunk 2077 upside down with the recently released Patch 1.5. With the update, you can make V look like the gameplay trailer from 2018.