BUYING A SMARTPHONE? It's time to pay attention to POCO

POCO is one of the youngest and most interesting players in the smartphone market, which with its philosophy seeks to bring smartphones closer to all people.

BUYING A SMARTPHONE? It's time to pay attention to POCO

Photo Credits: Poco

POCO is everything you need and nothing you don’t need.

POCO is one of the youngest and most interesting players in the somewhat dormant smartphone market, which with its business philosophy seeks not only to shake up that market but also to make it better and to bring smartphones significantly closer to all people.

As it is said on the home page of the POCO company - they started as a small brand, but they dreamed very big dreams…

POCO was designed with the desire to offer powerful and modern mobile and smartphones not only to young people but to all users in the world.

As they claim and judging by the results of the sale, POCO is nothing fancy, there are no tricks with various unnecessary tricks; POCO is "just an effort to turn raw technological power into powerful allies of the everyday life of each of the users."

If we look at the facts, POCO is an independent brand of mobile phones and accessories, born from Xiaomi Corporation. The first POCO phone was released in 2018 and in less than three years the brand is available in more than 35 markets worldwide and over 20 MILLION POCO phones have been delivered so far.

POCO company has its own teams that deal with production, ie. new phone development, sales and marketing, while production capacity and after-sales support are shared with parent company Xiaomi, whose expertise and experience POCO uses to upgrade its devices.

From POCO F1 to the world's face

It all started with the now legendary POCO F1 model, which attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. It was only limited in availability because the company itself did not expect such strong media attention, but not even the unprecedented madness among users - everyone wanted POCO F1! This is so far one of the best-selling POCO devices, which has been delivered in at least 2.2 million pieces, although new models have long threatened to take over the title.

As one of the youngest smartphone companies, POCO quickly became like a trendsetter, bringing to the market unexpectedly powerful and equally unexpectedly affordable phones, available to everyone. In this way, POCO succeeds in its mission - to make modern technology accessible to every individual. POCO listens to its users, makes phones that have what they need and models that are not burdened with what users do not use.

We will also remind you of POCO devices so far. Among them are mentioned POCO F1POCO F2POCO F2 ProPOCO M3POCO X3 and X3 NFCPOCO X3 ProPOCO F3POCO M3 Pro 5GPOCO X3 GTPOCO M4 Pro 5G and others.

Therefore, if you are now buying a mobile phone for yourself or someone you like, be sure to look at the POCO models, which stand out for their appearance, are powerful and you will not overpay for them.