Carrie Bradshaw will have a new lover in ‘And Just Like That’, the revival of ‘Sex and the City’

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It seems that in the revival of ‘ Sex and the City ‘, ‘ And Just Like That … ‘, the marriage of Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) and Mr. Big (‘ Chris Noth ) is not going through its best moment.

And, thanks to the new images of the series, we have been able to contemplate the acclaimed columnist walking with an attractive gentleman through the streets of the Big Apple in a most affectionate attitude. The actor who plays this new character is Jon Tenney, known for participating in films such as ‘ The best of me ‘ or ‘ Legion ‘.

We can’t help but wonder what happened to Mr. Big since Chris Noth’s return to the long-awaited sequel had been confirmed. Has the couple definitively broken their relationship? Can it be reconciled? We’ll find out in December on HBO Max.

Cynthia Nixon will direct a chapter

Another great novelty of the comedy is that, as announced on her Instagram, the actress Cynthia Nixon will direct an episode of the series“Roll camera! I am thrilled to share that I am directing an episode of @JustLikeThatMax this season. It’s been a complete dream to work with my beloved co-stars and crew in this new role. I have truly never felt so supported in my life. (And don’t worry, Miranda is still going to be in the episode — it was surreal to do both at once!)  “, she wrote in the caption of the publication.

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‘And Just Like That …’ will consist of ten half-hour episodes that seek to update the situation of friends Carrie, Charlotte ( Kristin Davis ), and Miranda. Unfortunately, Samantha ( Kim Cattrall ) will not appear in this new phase of the series. The revival will air in December on HBO Max.

By: Amber V. – Zexron