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 Bethesda launcher will close its doors permanently

Bethesda stunned us today by stating that the launcher will close permanently, maybe as soon as next May. A change that, while not expressly addressed in the company's official message, also implies the closure...

Elon Musk wants to bring gaming platform to Tesla

According to Elon Musk, the developers are currently working on making the Steam library or individual games from Valve's platform available for the cars.

Is Elden Ring the game with the best ratings?

The test NDA for Elden Ring has fallen and the ratings of the press are overturning. Is 100 percent really realistic for the Souls-like game?

How to check if the game library is verified

Shortly before the market launch of the Steam Deck, Valve gives tips on the available games. A new tool lets you check your library for console compatibility. 

Unreal Engine 5: Next step to release – what’s new?

Epic is currently continuing to work on the final version, in which all the functions you want to include are available for testing...

Bad news for Call of Duty fans – New version 2024?

New version of the game has been released every year since 2005, but next version planned for 2023 could be released a year later.

Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion with problems

The preload for the new Destiny 2 expansion apparently doesn't work quite as planned. There are apparently problems with the preloading of the file.

Steam Deck: GOG without official support

Valve's handheld PC Steam Deck is coming soon and the list of compatible games is growing, although there is no official support from

Dragon Age 4: release within 18 months?

Dragon Age 4 is thus moving towards the 2023 edition, which could have been predicted recently, because rumors knew that the 2022 edition was quite impossible