CES 2022 fitness: Are we closer to VR?

CES 2022 fitness: Are we closer to VR?

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The last two years have changed the world as we know it.

We were all in the house more than before, most of the things we didn’t do at home from now on we started. Besides online jobs, online classes, we started training at home. Almost everyone now has a weight and a mat in the house. Many also bought a treadmill or a bicycle.

The world of wellness was successful and had significant growth until 2020, but it certainly recorded a 200% increase in 2020 and 2021.

Many have learned to cook, blenders, vitamins and proteins have been bought. The desire to exercise increased because there was free time.

Technology has always had its inventions in the world of wellness. Nintendo has its own RingFit which is very good. It’s made for almost all ages and it’s fun, realistically exercise isn’t always fun but this is phenomenal. There are many modes to exercise. The game you are in while practicing is made with a lot of imagination. There is really no workload and boring, you just want to be in the game and practice and progress. This is just one example of how much fun exercise is.

Of course, we have too many fitness bracelets and smartwatches that monitor our movements and report to us about what is happening in our bodies. These devices are more advanced every year and are useful to keep track of some basic things about your heart and weight.

Now we also have smart bikes, lanes... CES 2022 is a hybrid this year. Artificial reality and devices are still being tried. That’s how they made bicycles that increase the experience of exercising outdoors, even if you are at home.

Interestingly, we still have a few devices that are in “metaverse.” Although we can already easily see blockchain, “metaverse” and fitness together. develops in stages and now this is visible, this step ahead of merging virtual reality and devices.

Every company wants to present the future of wellness and fitness. Wondercise has decided to compete with Apple and Samsung.

It is important to mention Liteboxer VR, who introduced himself at CES 2022, which is great for training. If it is convenient for you to move to the training hall on your carpet, then this will be a splendid choice for you. It will help you have a good look but also great reflexes. As you blow the air, you work wonders in the hall. Watch the video and see for yourself.


After all, people have become used to training at home, and now the need for devices and machines is growing. We hope companies will not wait long with innovations. Probably not much will change in the future, only the need will increase. Companies should not wait for the merger of blockchain and virtual reality, because then everyone will want to have more choices. We hope there will not only be NFT machines and devices for the house but also real ones. It’s good that the entire world is practicing a lot more than before, but would it be nice to hang out, or are we still forgetting what it is?