CHEAPER HEATING AND COOLING: Energy efficient solution that protects the environment, but also the wallet

Energy-efficient solution ideal for any space.

CHEAPER HEATING AND COOLING: Energy efficient solution that protects the environment, but also the wallet

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In the last few years, people have been thinking intensively and switching to energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions. Their use can significantly reduce expenditures in the household budget, and at the same time act responsibly towards the environment.

It turned out that the ideal devices for the responsible attitude towards the wallet and nature are - heat pumps.

You have the right to ask yourself what heat pumps are, how they can cool or heat your space, and how they work in general.

Heat pumps are in fact devices with the help of which heat energy is transferred from the external environment to the interior of the room, which needs to be cooled, ie heated. They are one of the cleanest sources of energy for heating. They are also the most economical because they use a high percentage of free energy from the environment.

Depending on which energy source they use from nature, we can divide them into air-water, air-air, ground-water, and water-water heat pumps.

Of particular interest are LG air heat pumps - the latest, sophisticated air filtration system, which has significantly improved energy efficiency to protect the environment, extremely low noise, a stylish design that fits into any room, and a wide range of additional technologies.

LG THERMA V R32 Split and LG R410A Split are heat pumps that meet all the needs of a modern household and larger spaces. These are multifunctional devices of exceptional performance, which enable temperature control of the interior of the space, with the possibility of underfloor heating and water temperature control.

Integrated cooling and heating system

These devices consist of separate indoor and outdoor units connected by cooling pipes. This integrated system, which combines an indoor unit and a water tank, allows for simple and easy installation.

In addition, with these pumps, the cooling pipes connect the indoor and outdoor unit (IDU & ODU), while the hydro components are a plate heat exchanger, expansion vessel, water pump, auxiliary heater, and vent valve built into the indoor unit. In this way, they can withstand low outside temperatures without fear that the water in the system will freeze.

They use the LG - R1 Compressor, a unique technology from LG, which is highly efficient, consumes less power, offers a higher degree of reliability and range of operation, while reducing noise and vibration.

 Exceptional performance

Both devices are high energy efficient, class A +++, have a simple user interface for installation, high efficiency and operating range, 100% heating capacity at an outdoor temperature of -7 ℃ (except for model R410A Split at 16 kW), outlet water temperature up to 65 ℃ (model R32) and 57 ℃ (R410A) and extended operating range of the thermal system.

They have built-in water flow and pressure sensors for real-time operation, advanced control of the water pump (optimal flow, fixed capacity, flow, and temperature). They as well have an improved secondary control while characterized by innovative design and technology.

Also, the pumps have a seasonal auto mode that automatically adjusts the heating and cooling operation, as well as the hot water temperature based on the outside temperature. This mode adds a cooling function to the conventional mode. With the R32 Split and R410A Split models, the water flow can be adjusted according to the heat load, which allows them to be more energy efficient during lower loads. Also, by using the remote control, it is possible to monitor the temperature, flow, and pressure of water. Both models have the function of overlapping different energy states, which allows the use of more renewable energy.

 Remote control

The LG ThinQ smart app, located on the Android Play Store or iOS AppStore services, allows for remote monitoring and control, so users can adjust the temperature or regulate the heat pump operation.

The LG ThinQ app can also be activated via voice commands, Google Assistant, or Google Home integration.

 Smart heating

The systems have an intuitive user interface that allows quick and easy use with a simple touch. It is also possible to define a work schedule based on lifestyle. In addition, daily or monthly monitoring of energy consumption enables efficient energy management.

Also, with LG inverter technology, energy costs are reduced by optimizing performance using only the energy needed to operate.

So if you are looking for an adequate heating/cooling solution in your home, be smart and think a lot. Heat pumps are a smart investment in the long run because they enable lower energy consumption and emissions of harmful gases in the environment but also reduced electricity bills.

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