Choo-Choo Charles is a survival open world game in which you are chased by a locomotive

Photo Credits : Promo

Halloween season is approaching, and how else to celebrate it than to make the scariest game ever out of a meme. If you’ve ever come across creepy clips of mods in which Thomas the tank engine replaces major enemies, like the Great Serpent from Ax, and then thought it would be a good game, then you’re in the right place.

Choo-Choo Charles is just that. A serious survival horror title that’s even scarier with Spider-Man as the enemy. Unfortunately, the developers from Two Star Games could not use Thomas due to licensing rights, but what they did is the next best thing.

Thomas is in the Choo-Choo game Charles, and as a player, the goal is to survive his attacks at all costs and eventually eliminate him. You will do this by operating your own locomotive to which you will upgrade performance, characteristics, and weapons. Charles is a very naughty train, but maybe a machine gun will make him see reason. 

The trailer is as much silly as it is serious. Meme potential is huge, it looks fun, and a special category of games that includes Goat Simulator, Untitled Goose Game, I Am Bread, and others could get a decent newcomer in early 2022. You can wishlist Choo-choo Charles on Steam, and so far PC is the only planned platform.

By: Amber V. – Zexron