Chopard opts for the most luxurious happiness in a world of movement – make a woman in your life happy with the Happy Diamonds collection

Photo Credits : chopard

Luxury and casual can be linked from a special point of view, and this pairing does not always have to be linked to the style (wrong!) that we can often identify with glittering pseudo stars or random celebrities. It is not an entelechy, since in the world of Haute Horlogerie this concept serves to enhance the exclusivity of how a luxurious piece can be worn 24 hours a day while maintaining freshness and elegance in equal measure.

I wanted a watch that I could wear all day: to play sports, to the office, or to go to dinner,” Caroline Sheufele explained in 1993. The Chopard heiress (her parents bought the company born in 1861 in 1993). She was ahead of her time with these words that resulted in the production of Happy Sport almost three decades ago. The challenge was achieved by creating a watch that, starting from the union between steel and diamonds (something unheard of at the end of the 20th century), reinvented proportions looking for something as empirical as the golden number: geometric perfection.


With this prerogative, the artisans of emotion (that is how the brand calls itself) have reinvented the mythical timepiece in two limited editions in a fresh Happy Sport the First, whose 33 mm case (Lucent Steel A223 steel is anti-allergenic and is also brighter and more resistant than ordinary steel) corresponds to what we can call “the new comfort” adapted to the female wrist, establishing a mathematical relationship with the diameter of the Chopard 09.01- caliber C manufacture of the house. In addition, the concept of the most luxurious sports is enhanced with a vintage strap that, as the same brand says, “is incredibly contemporary“.

But perhaps the most exciting part are the seven mobile diamonds that move between the two sapphire crystals. This luxury dance was a revolution in the world of Haute Horlogerie in 1976 with what is a technical feat that only some can perform: “They are true choreographer artisans“, a brand manager said and added, “this alone can be carried out by ensuring, during the assembly of the watch, that each of the diamonds that are housed in a capsule in the form of a top is placed in such a way that their dance never encounters any obstacle “. But like everything in the watchmaking (and Chopard is one of the best representatives of this century-old art) precision is everything; Be very careful not to leave a speck of dust inside, as it could impair the movement of the moving parts. 

This choreography of jewels is presented in one of the 1,993 pieces that exist of the limited edition of Happy Sport The First, identifying the number to the year of the launch of the model to which it pays tribute with its renewal.

In turn, there is a second version of the Happy Sport the First with a limited edition of 788 pieces with a bezel set with diamonds. Of course, what both editions share is the self-winding mechanical movement (Chopard manufacture caliber 09.01-C, component number 159) with a power reserve of around 42 hours.

Also as a novelty, the brand wanted to pay a great tribute to the first watch in the world that combined steel and diamonds, with a global campaign in which the importance of Happy Sport is vindicated. And who is chosen to present the values ​​of luxury and sportiness in the Chopard version? Julia Roberts; undoubtedly a very good choice that combines glamor, luxury, exclusivity, and work, but above all the famous joie de vivre (joy of living).

By: Olivia J. – Zexron