Coda – an emotional story about a family and a struggle for one’s own identity

Photo Credits : Promo

As an introduction to Sundance, CODA gave us a wonderful story about a child who hears in a deaf family. She finds himself torn between a love of music and his family’s reliance on it as their connection to the outside world.

This is a story that the audience will surely like very much. All the reviews are positive and say this is the best opener since Whiplash. What is most touching about the film is the incredible family dynamics. There’s something really intriguing about this film that brings a smile to your face all the time.

Comedy is present all throughout, as is drama. Sian Heather is a good director and we see his heart is invested in the film. It follows a typical story we’ve already seen in movies aimed at teenagers but again, it questions many life choices again. Some segments become predictable, yet the film still has charm, and some scenes work too well to be true.

But regardless of the sweetness and some predictability in this genre, the film will definitely be a window into a life that most people do not know, seen through the eyes of a healthy girl trying to find herself.

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers