Cooler Master Silencio S400 – Compact and quiet

Photo Credits : CoolerMaster/Promo

On the outside, the front is actually a thicker door filled with a sponge to reduce the noise produced by the front fans. The door is a centimeter away from the housing, so that even when “closed”, the front fans have solid access to fresh air. The door can even be switched by opening to the left or right. Behind them, you have an easily detachable dust filter, and up to two 120 or 140 fans are supported, as well as radiators of these dimensions.

The bottom of the Cooler Master Silencio S400 case has power ventilation and a filter that also needs to be removed and cleaned every few months. The roof of the housing can also be adapted to the needs. It has a metal cover with noise insulation as standard, but when you remove it, it supports 2 x 120 radiators or 2 x 120/140 fans. Unfortunately, with 280 heat sinks, you could easily run into problems with motherboard space.

The insulated top cover can be replaced with the dust filter that comes with the housing if the fan or refrigerator is installed. In addition to ventilation, the roof also has a power button, a reset button, separate 3.5 mm audio slots, two USB 3.0 slots and an SD card reader. The back supports one 120 mm fan or radiator.


You’ll notice that the case also supports the classic 5.25“ holder for CD players or similar devices that can be accessed directly. Of course, it also has an adapter to insert a classic disc here. Another classic hard drive can be attached under the cage, but 280 mm radiators in the front could interfere with this drive.

From this front, you can attach two more 2.5” SSD to the power-sharing sheet itself, which will be visible if you opt for the glass side. Let’s take a look at the other side of the case now. At the bottom there is power space, but also another cage, which supports up to three classic HDD, while up to two 2.5″ SSD can be attached to the back of the motherboard.

All of this means that a computer can have truly great modularity. The cage here at the bottom could also interfere with water cooling, but it is fastened with one screw and you have three locations closer to the power supply to which you can move it to make everything stop.

Finally, let’s note that you get two pre-installed 120 mm fans, one at the front and one at the rear. Fans have a relatively slow speed and focus on quiet operation. If you want a quiet system with moderate hardware, this is enough, but for a slightly stronger build we recommend, for example, a 240 mm AiO cooler with which you automatically get two more suction or exhaust fans for optimal configuration.