CoolerMaster V650 Gold V2 White

Photo Credits : coolermaster

The quality mainstream power supply of respectable power with modular design, exemplary energy efficiency, and relatively quiet operation.

The maximum available power, when it comes to the tested model, is a total of 650 W, which is optimal for modern gaming computers today. We must mention that it is not out of place to get a slightly higher power supply.

Primarily because of the far easier future computer upgrades, and then because of the efficiency itself. It is known that modern power supplies achieve the best efficiency at a load of about 40 – 50%.

Assuming that the average gaming computer consumes around 300 – 350 W in its operation, it is clear that by choosing a power supply of 650 or 750 W we will ensure the best efficiency and reduce noise to a minimum.

Photo Credits: coolermaster

Noise level

Speaking of noise, it should be noted that Coolermaster has equipped this power supply with a large 135 mm fan that supports semi-passive mode. In particular, up to a load of about 40%, the fan will not start at all, which guarantees a completely quiet operation.

Alternatively, you can switch off this mode by pressing the corresponding button, whereby the fan will not switch off completely at lower loads. This way you can choose between a completely quiet and potentially slightly noisier fan.

This power supply comes with a traditional set of 650 mm ATX and EPS modular cables or 670 mm for PCIe cables. We find it very positive that the connectors for the modular cables on the power supply are very clearly marked, which makes them easier to use.

As expected, this Coolermaster power supply proved to be very reliable and efficient during testing. In passive mode, it is also extremely quiet, which is a big plus.

Here, however, we must note that overall the price is slightly higher. Especially since the competition in this price range offers power supplies with similar features and power of 750W.

More information

V650 Gold V2 White
Overall rating:
Rated power supply:
650 W
Efficiency, certificate:
80Plus Gold
Modular design:
Cooling fan:
1x ATX motherboard (20 + 4 pins), 4x PCI Express (6 + 2 pins), 1x P4 + 4 / 1x P8, 8x S-ATA (5 pins), 2x P-ATA (4 pins)
design, 650 W power, 80PLUS Gold efficiency, support for the semi-passive operation, relatively quiet operation under load
Minus:slightly higher price