Core i5-12400F sold before the official release in Peru

Photo Credits : momomo_us / Twitter

According to information from the Xanxogaming website, the Core i5-12400F will be offered for sale in Peru even before the official market launch. The CPU is said to cost $ 222 with an 18 percent sales tax. Photos of the laminar RH1 cooler for Alder Lake CPUs have also emerged.

A non-K version of Intel’s Alder Lake S series, the Core i5-12400F, including the new standard Laminar RM1 cooler, was spotted in Peruvian retail outlets a few weeks before its expected release. This emerges from a report on the Xanxogaming website, whose editors are said to have bought the Core i5-12400F themselves to test the processor. The CPU is said to have sold for 899 sols, which is about $ 222. The value-added tax of 18 percent is included here. The pre-tax price is said to be $ 181 and with the built-in GPU enabled $ 206.

Images of the Laminar RH1 cooler surfaced

The leaker “momomo_us” has published a photo of the Laminar RH1 cooler via Twitter, which will be included as a standard cooler next to the RM1 and RS1 for Alder Lake CPUs, which are due to appear at the beginning of next year. The photo shows that the Laminar RH1 is physically higher up than the Laminar RM1. The latter has cooling fins made of plastic, while the RH1 has cooling fins made of metal, ie the heat dissipation should be better here. This cooler is to be included in the boxed Core i9 series of the 12th generation with a TDP of 65 watts.

Photos from “Catsarestillpr1” also show that the Laminar RH1 cooler is equipped with LEDs. However, it is unclear whether the full-color spectrum is covered. All that is missing now is photos of the RS1 cooler, which, according to a leaked slide, is to be offered for the next generation of Pentium and Celeron CPUs.

Intel Core i5-12400F at a glance

The Core i5-12400F processor from Intel comes with six cores and twelve threads and is designed for a TDP of 65 watts. The cores are P cores or Golden Cove cores. However, the Core i5-12400F does not have e-cores or Gracemont cores, which means that the hybrid architecture is not used here.

The non-K CPU from Intel should compete with the Ryzen 5 5600X from AMD. A few days ago the first gaming benchmarks with comparisons between the two processors appeared, in which the Core i5-12400F made a solid figure. In terms of price, the Intel CPU can also be expected to be cheaper than AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X.

The CPU should rank around 200 euros; in the long term even lower in the street price and thus also quite significantly below the Ryzen 5 5600X, with probably more performance. In terms of price, however, this should not be overestimated, because the platform costs are probably higher with Intel than with AMD, due to motherboard and memory prices.

According to the latest information, the 12th generation of the Core non-K series will be launched on January 5th, as will the B660 and H610 mainboards. More information on this from Intel is expected at CES 2022.

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