DICE staff would have preferred BF3 copy

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

DICE hasn’t exactly done themselves or the Battlefield franchise any favors with BF2042. The title’s player count is at an all-time low, and new content development is expected to last through the summer. It remains to be seen whether there will still be players playing BF2042. Now a former DICE employee has commented on the game design and shared his idea.

Battlefield 2042 does not come from the negative headlines. After the disastrous start of the game, which has not been properly optimized to this day, as every Battlefield before it has managed to do, it is now clear that the first season with four new specialists and some new maps and other content is only planned for the summer. Until then, they want to improve the title so that everything corresponds to their own “quality standards“.

A former DICE developer recently commented on the situation. Jaqub Ajmal was the Global Community Manager until he left about a year ago. He worked on Battlefield 3, which to this day is considered one of the best, if not the best, titles in the franchise. He reported on the current developments via Twitter and massively criticized the actions of his former employer.

In his opinion, a copy of Battlefield 3 would still be a far better game than Battlefield 2042. However, he did not comment on his concrete ideas, but only suggested technical improvements to the title. From this one can conclude that he would probably have retained the maps and working dimension design, the balanced vehicles of the game along with the better skill-based weapons and the larger selection of weapons for the infantry, and also such “relics” as a scoreboard and a statistics engine.

In other news, the mood among buyers of Battlefield 2042 is still very bad, which is also reflected in the number of players. The Free2Play rumors shouldn’t help either, but the developers need to polish the game first.

The new week starts without good news for those responsible for Battlefield 2042. The mood among the players is still bad.

A look at the approval among the last buyers shows that the last patch 3.2 didn’t bring any improvement – on the contrary. While the long-term ratings by 90,000 Steam buyers are a weak 31 percent, the approval among short-term buyers, at least a little more than 10,000, is only 26 percent. So the shooter doesn’t come out of the “mostly negative” valley so quickly. You can also see that in the player numbers on Steam, which of course do not cover the entire market of Battlefield players, but give an indication of the relative change. While there were up to 8,000 simultaneous players at the weekend at the peak, it was only 5,700 on Monday. The drop in player counts on Steam knows no bounds.