Dragon Age 4: release within 18 months?

Photo Credits : EA/Promo

The release of Dragon Age 4 should happen within 18 months, but definitely 2023, not this year. This is according to a report published by Jeff Grub.

According to the report, the next role-playing game of BioWare is on schedule and is planned for release in the next 18 months. Dragon Age 4 is thus moving towards the 2023 edition, which could have been predicted recently, because rumors knew that the 2022 edition was quite impossible. Dragon Age 4 has been running since at least 2017. However, the development did not go without obstacles. Because of (unforeseen) mistakes in the game, in the meantime, at least some elements have been returned to the drawing board, and personnel changes in important positions usually cause a little rest in development. This was to be expected, considering that it is a pretty good project.

For example, senior creative director Matthew Goldman left BioWare, which was not the first change in creative leadership. Prior to that, Mike Laidlow, who was in charge of the first three acts, was already retired. At that time, General Manager Gary McKay emphasized that great efforts are being made to ensure “BioWare standards”, which are also the solid foundations of this company. We admit that you can’t do without changes when something is not going well.

But what is this?

Dragon Age 4 should be a classic single-player RPG based on a typical BioWare recipe. It can be assumed that someone learned from the mistakes made with Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Even the publisher of Electronic Arts should not allow itself more experiments after Battlefield 2042 is difficult. If you also deliver the problematic game with Dragon Age 4, the last patient of the fans should probably be spent.

On the one hand, the fact that there are creative pillars such as Mike Laidlav, Casey Hudson and Matthew Goldman. Those who also worked for the company for a long time, left the company, have no idea. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to bring in unused ideas from fresh minds. It would probably also be important that EA does not jeopardize the image of another brand.Apparently, this is a project that will come to light only in the next year and which is being worked on thoroughly and patiently.

Here you can see what kind of game it is, while loyal fans eagerly await the new sequel. Maybe you will become one of them.