eBay is warning its users of an increase in account theft

Photo Credits : pixabay.com

Christmas time is theft time, at least on the eBay classifieds platform. The portal is currently warning its users of an increase in account takeovers. The company recommends particularly long and complex passwords for protection.

The trading platform eBay Classifieds is currently warning its users of account takeovers. The accounts of honest users are mainly used by fraudsters to offer products that they either do not own or have no intention of actually shipping them.

eBay classifieds: Unwanted account takeovers are exploding

According to the platform, the number of inquiries about unwanted account takeovers has risen by 250 percent within just one year. The account lockouts due to the takeovers have also increased – by a whopping 200 percent. As eBay classifieds reports, scammers are particularly active in the run-up to Christmas.

That is why the company is currently giving more tips on how to secure your own account. According to Jöran Rieß, a security expert at eBay Classifieds, account holders would usually report to the platform themselves if they noticed that their account was offering things that they had not set themselves. Afterward, however, injured parties would also report that they paid for products and then did not receive them.

The company recommends long and complex passwords for account security, for example, a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers or special characters. Because according to the assessment of eBay classifieds, there is seldom a hacker with special IT skills behind the scam. Passwords are often pulled from data leaks, which is fatal when users use the same log-in data for multiple platforms. However, standard passwords that are easy to guess are still in use.