Elden Ring: Short term maintenance on PC version

Photo Credits : From Software / Promo

The developers of Elden Ring announced downtime for the PC servers at relatively short notice. The servers are said to have been shut down for maintenance work since 12 a.m.

Just over a day after the release of Elden Ring, there is already the first maintenance work. The developers report shortly beforehand on Twitter that the PC servers will no longer be available from 12 a.m.

Elden Ring: First Downtime

The maintenance work should “probably” take about two hours. If everything goes well, the servers will be available again from 2 p.m. What exactly will be done during this time is left open by From Software. At the moment it remains pure speculation as to the purpose of server maintenance. It is also not known if there is a connection between the downtime and the announced patch roadmap for Elden Ring.

Yesterday From Software published an apology and asked for a little patience. At least two hotfixes were promised for the PC “in the near future“. So you are aware of the problem of too high mouse sensitivity. In addition, it has been noticed that Easy Anti-Cheat does not launch if the Steam account name uses certain characters. There is little hope for performance-related issues like micro stutters in boss fights, these seem to need more time. It only says in very general terms that they are “constantly working to improve the game so that it can be played comfortably on different PC environments and platforms.”

Here is the original announcement from From Software earlier today:

“The PC servers for #ELDENRING will be undergoing maintenance on February 26th, 2022. This maintenance is expected to last approximately 2 hours. Maintenance will begin at 12:00 AM PT | 09:00 CET | 17:00 JST. Thank you in advance for your understanding.”

In other news, Dark Souls and Bloodborne have their fan base, it’s safe to say that. And Elden Ring is the next title from From Software. Anyone who is interested in the ratings of the press can now look up how the journalists judged on Metacritic, among other things. On the PS5, for example, there is currently an average rating of 97 percent in the books, after at least 37 reviews. The 100 percent is pulled out several times. 

There is next to nothing to complain about – worth mentioning regular frame rate drops, some character clipping errors, or ugly camera positions. On the plus side, there is an impressive, open game world, a great scenario, a good progression system, exciting fights including the typical bosses, and much more.