Epic Games: A Mysterious Free Game Every Day Starting Today?

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Last week we reported that from December 16. a series of daily changing free games starts at Epic Games. The final proof will then be provided from 5 p.m.

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Last week the leak on 15 free games in the Epic Games Store caused a sensation. The forecast of the speaker has come true insofar as Epic has not announced a specific title for today at 5 pm, but a “mysterious game“. The Epic Winter Sale starts today and continues until December 30th. A new free game is available every day for only 24 hours, and it will be revealed from 5 p.m every day. Incidentally, it will also show what lessons Square Enix has drawn from the 80-euro drama for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade .

Epic Games: What is the quality of the free games?

It still looks calm in the Epic Games Store. In the area of free games, the prison manager Prison Architect and the Godfall Challenger Edition are also offered, which attracted unwanted attention because it is only a certain part of the action game. Otherwise, the countdown for the mysterious game will run down, if the French leaker is right, then not only does Shenmue 3 appear at 5 p.m., but the download period is limited to 24 hours in contrast to the weekly offers. And, there will be a new mysterious game for December 17th. displayed. From 5 p.m. onwards, a final assessment can be made as to whether the predictions will come true.

It is exciting to see whether there are any more specific leaks about the games. Apparently, the French leaker already knows all the planned titles, but he only wants to publish them if they come up from another source. The only indication of the quality of the games: titles in bold in the list have never been in the free world and have been critically acclaimed. This applies, among other things, to the aforementioned Shenmue 3, but also to the titles on December 17th, December 19th, December 20th, December 22nd, and 25th. and 28.12. Especially the game on December 25th. should be the best of all games that are squandered as part of the offer days.

Shenmue 3 received very mixed feedback, by the way. The PS4 version received an average of 67 from the critics, and the users gave it a 77. On the PC, the title achieved a 69 for critics and a 61 for users. The Steam users later enjoyed Shenmue 3, with 81 percent approval the best of all values.