Facebook is changing its name

The new name will keep Facebook’s focus on the next generation of virtual internet - the metaverse.

Facebook is changing its name

Photo Credits: Dima Solomin/unsplash

According to Verge, Facebook will be rebranded next week and the company will get a new name related to the orientation of Mark Zuckerberg and society to the so-called metaverse, the next generation of the Internet whose backbone will be 3D spaces connected into virtual space. 

In addition, the new name could be linked to an as yet unpublished version of a virtual social network called Horizon Worlds, which Zuckerberg has frequently promoted in recent years.

This rumor points out that the name change will only apply to the company name, as the social network will continue to be Facebook. In other words, it will be something similar to what Google did when it renamed the company Alphabet, while all of its products still remain under the Google brand. 

Verge says changing Facebook's name is a closely guarded secret and is not known to many senior company officials. How Verge found out then is not explained.

If you have any good ideas about how Facebook might be known in the future, feel free to whisper to us in your comments!

By: Olivia J. - Zexron