First ampere GPU of the 2 GiB GDDR6 memory spotted

Photo Credits : Nvidia

According to an entry on the Geekbench website, Nvidia appears to be preparing to introduce a discrete Geforce MX550 GPU based on amps. This should have 2 GiByte GDDR6 memory and 15 percent more power than the MX450. It should appear with a Lenovo notebook.

Will Nvidia soon expand its mobile entry-level segment in the area of ​​dedicated graphics solutions? That could well be because an unknown graphics card with a Lenovo notebook appeared on the Geekbench website. “Nvidia Graphics Device” is listed as the name, which suggests that this is an as-of-yet unreleased product and that the name is not yet known to retailers.

According to some, this is about the entry-level graphics card Geforce MX550, which is based on the Ampere-GPU GA107. There are 16 compute units, which in this case means 16 streaming multiprocessors with 128 shader units each. Videocardz suspects a partial implementation of the GA107 GPU, which contains as many cores as the Geforce RTX 3050, i.e. 2,048.

First ampere GPU with GDDR6 memory – 15% more power than its predecessor?

The graphics card is offered with an Intel Core i7-1260P CPU (12 cores / 16 threads), which is supposedly part of the Alder Lake P series, which is to be presented at CES 2022. The Geforce MX550 could possibly also come onto the market at the same time as Intel’s entry-level model Arc Alchemist DG2-128.

In addition, the Geforce MX450 would have more than twice as many shader units as the Geforce MX450 based on Turing (2,048 vs. 896). This is due to the fact that with the Ampere architecture, the FP32 cores have been doubled compared to its predecessor, but this does not automatically mean a 50 percent increase in performance. In addition, the MX550 is said to use GDDR6 memory, an implementation that was first implemented in the mobile sector with the MX450. How much faster the MX550 memory is in comparison, however, remains uncertain for the time being.

Since a 50 percent increase in performance is not to be expected, Videocardz is assuming 15 percent more performance compared to its predecessor (with Core i5-11300H, 35 W). It should be noted here that this comparison is not extremely accurate, but it does provide a good basis for what to expect from the new MX series. It is also unclear whether the MX550 will use the full 128-bit memory bus of the GA107 or whether it will use the shorter 64-bit memory bus. There is still no information about other GPUs of the MX500 series.