Five ways a smartwatch can help us

Five ways a smartwatch can help us

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Today’s pace of life is fast and it seems like day by day we have less and less time for ourselves, friends and family. We are often overloaded with business obligations and information, and we are constantly available to everyone via smartphones, tablets, laptops… But there are also devices that could make your everyday life easier, and they definitely include smartwatches.

It is a wearable device that you can connect to your smartphone and that will help you better organize. The most important and useful features of smartwatches are certainly reminders that help us solve our daily obligations faster and health monitoring applications that can have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. In addition, they look great and can certainly serve as a stylish addition.

1. With smart reminders you will have more time

If you’re grumbling in business and private commitments, you can set reminders on your smartwatch. They will tell you with a light vibration what you need to do at a certain moment, so you will not forget something important. In other words, you will be able to relax and give smartwatches to work for you.

In addition, reminders on a smartwatch are more practical than those on smartphones. Instead of setting them only by time, such as an alarm clock at six in the morning, you can install an application on your smartwatch, such as Google Keep and set reminders to activate depending on your current location.

The smartwatch will use GPS to keep track of where you are, so you can set it to remind you to stop at a store or open your workout program when you walk into the gym.

How many times have you received a cell phone to check just one notification, and 10 minutes later you’ve caught yourself using apps that have nothing to do with what you’re supposed to be doing? A smartwatch will reduce such temptations. When you receive a notification on it, you will quickly determine what is being done.

2. You will not miss a single important call or message

Sound on smartphones is often turned off for us, especially if we work in an office. If we keep the device in a jacket or bag, it often happens that we do not hear potentially important calls. Thanks to smartwatches, you will use your smartphone less, and at the same time you will see all the important calls, messages and notifications.

Whether it’s a last-minute client who wants to change the meeting time, a delivery guy announcing the arrival of a long-awaited package, or a woman telling you she took the kids to the doctor, a smartwatch is guaranteed to answer calls when it’s most important.

Smartwatches report information with a vibration that is much more discreet than notifications on a mobile phone. A quick glance is enough to check if it is something that deserves your time, and you can also look at the notice in situations where it is otherwise inappropriate to look at your mobile phone, for example in a meeting.

3. You will have a personal assistant at your fingertips

If you write down ideas only when you find time for it, you run the risk of forgetting everything by then. Instead, dictate your reminders and notes directly to your smartwatch. With personal assistants such as Siri on the Apple Watch or Google Assistant (still only available in English) on Wear OS watches, the speech-to-text feature has never been easier to use.

You can create reminders for appointments, birthdays and anniversaries, and add items to your shopping list. The personal assistant on the smartwatch can also be your personal translator when you travel, and he will even read you the notes you dictated to him.

4. You will never lose valuable things again

If you often don’t know where you left your keys, headphones, smartphone, wallet… and waste time and nerves until you find them, Apple’s smartwatches have a practical solution.

You can connect your Apple smartwatch to smart tracking devices such as Apple’s AirTag (which can now be detected by Android phones) or Tile Pro. Put a tracking device on the keychain and the next time you pick them up, with the help of a smartwatch you will find them in a few seconds.

While there are smart tracking devices that are compatible with Android smartphones (Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, Chipolo, Tile Pro or Cube Shadow), we’ll be a little more patient before we can connect them to Android and other smartwatches - but a good portion of these trackers support iOS devices, they can be monitored with Apple Watch.

5. A smartwatch will help you be healthier

Stiff and sore neck, poor circulation, weak muscles, poor digestion, poor eyesight… all these are the consequences of sitting in front of a monitor all day. Every half hour you should take a break from looking at the screen, stretch your legs and drink half a glass of water, and discreet reminders on your smartwatch will remind you when the time is right.

Fatigue and pain are great demotivators, and drinking a few cups of coffee a day creates extra stress for your body. Small healthy habits are easier to nurture when someone encourages us to do so on a regular basis, and a smartwatch is an ideal assistant. When we feel better physically, we have more energy and motivation, we are more productive and fulfill our obligations faster, and we have more free time for things that make us happy.

And for the end...

When it all adds up, it’s clear that this little technological marvel is worth a lot more than just a step counter. The smartwatch is a practical digital assistant that can help us bring order to business and private lives and find more time for what really matters to us.

Whether Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy, Garmin or some other device wins in deciding which smartwatch to buy, you will have a whole world of options in the palm of your hand or better said - the wrist.