FSP: New HYDRO GT Pro Series Power Supplies

Photo Credits : FspLifeStyle/Promo

FSP Group has announced the launch of its brand new HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply. With 80 plus gold certification, the new HIDRO GT Pro Series comes in two variants. 850V and 1000V units, allowing users to decide what fits their system perfectly. – Ideal for gaming and/or occasional use, these extra power supplies bring innovative technology from FSP to your desktop. With growing hardware, the FSP HIDRO GT PRO series power supplies meet the needs of high-efficiency users. Incredible stability, increasing product durability and extracting maximum performance from all system components.

FSP Group HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply

Open the door to enter the metaverse with confidence! Accelerate the development and deployment of VR / AR software with the FSP HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply. By providing a stable and efficient power supply on demand for high-speed computer hardware.

With features such as a + 12V single rail design that show the engineering power of the next level of the FSP Group. The HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply focuses on excellent performance with high-intensity graphics cards on the market. Providing stable power helps protect the unit from any state of overload. In addition, the two sets of 4 + 4 pin ESP12V connectors available in the HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply are ideal for energy-hungry motherboards.

The new HIDRO GT Pro Series power supplies allow you to play games quickly with no load for delicate system components. They allow players to enter meta-versatile AR / VR experiences opening up the possibility for players to indulge in AAA games without restriction.

FSP Group HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply

With Japanese 450 V, 105 ° C capacitors and DC to DC module design, the power supply series provides superior reliability to high load environments. The superior LLC Topologi technology from FSP optimizes energy conversion efficiency and reduces noise and EMI generation.

Manufactured by FSP designers in a sleek black frame, the HIDRO GT Pro Series of power supplies also focuses on practicality. With a semi-modular design with black straight cables that allows users to control cable clutter. The 120 mm FDB fan used to cool the unit is a great addition, providing a quiet, low-noise operating environment. Under a load of 30%, HIDRO GT PRO power supplies produce zero noise. Turn on the fanless eco fan switch and enjoy a 0 dBA operating environment and further take advantage of the long life of the 120 mm dynamic bearing fan.


The new HIDRO GT PRO 850 V and 1000 V power supplies are the gold power standards for mid-and high-quality gaming on the market. – Built with a complete set of hardware protection functions (OCP / OVP / OPP / SCP / OTP) that protects your system from any electrical failure, FSP’s new HIDRO GT Pro Series power supply provides users with a stress-free working environment.

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