Google Assistant and Play Store changes

Google Assistant and Play Store changes

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Google has been working on quick phrases for some time, but it only started introducing them on some devices in October 2021. The feature allows users to perform certain actions without shouting words like “Hey Google”. A few examples include the ability to accept calls effortlessly by simply saying “answer” or silencing an alarm by saying “stop”.

This “stop” command is now being extended to Google Assistant. If the voice assistant talks too much, simply saying the word “stop” will turn it off immediately - no need to call the assistant. The feature will also work even if you do not have Continuation Conversation enabled.

This functionality is especially useful if you accidentally activate the Assistant or if the answer to your query is a little longer than necessary - as is often the case with these overly detailed time readings.

However, there is a catch. For now, this Google Assistant stop command only seems to work on smart screens and speakers. This will hopefully change soon if Google is good enough to bless smartphones, tablets and more devices with that feature.

There are also no official indications that this feature can be started by pronouncing “stop” in languages ​​other than English. But this is understandable given that the feature of quick phrases is still in the early stages of development, but the word is simple enough so it would not be a problem to stay only in English.

Google Play changes

Google recently introduced a new Offers tab, a section where users will be able to find discounts on apps that suit their interests.

Since 2012, the online store of this company offers applications, games and other digital content, and the new tab arrives to make it easier to find the right games and applications for travel, online shopping, media, entertainment, fitness and more.

The Offers tab has found a place at the bottom of the Play Store, and is separate from the existing “Offers and Notifications”.

The announcement states that in the future, users will find discounts on games, applications that offer free delivery, rides and other prizes, movies and books at affordable prices, and content that offers a free trial period.

Google used to have a separate Android app called “Offers” that allowed users to find discounts for their location, but that was a long time ago - back in 2011 with Android 2.1 “Eclair”, when Google Play called it the Android Market.

The mentioned “Offers & notifications” is difficult to find, so the new tab is a great relief - it will find its place in the central part, and it will offer users a wide range of products. It has already arrived in the United States, India and Indonesia, and is expected to arrive in other parts of the world in 2022.