Google has announced its best extensions

Photo Credits : Firmbee / 139 images/Pixabay

After sharing the best apps and games of Google Play in 2021 at the end of last month, Google has now shared the list of its best extensions for Chrome for this year. If you’re an avid Chrome user, you should definitely check out the following recommendations from Google.

In a recent blog post, Google highlighted its choice of extensions for Chrome in 2021, and that list includes a variety of useful extensions that can help you stay more productive at work, interact and collaborate with friends, choose a new language, and even customize your experience browsing. Check out the list below for all of Google’s favorite Chrome extensions from this year:

  • Loom : Loom is a handy extension that allows you to easily record and share videos with others.
  • Mote : This extension helps users give quick feedback on projects through voice comments and transcripts.
  • Wordtune : AI writing companion to help you rephrase sentences and correct typos in emails and documents.
  • Forest : Gamifies productivity through virtual tree planting and rewards.
  • Dark Reader : Browse the entire web in dark mode with this great extension.
  • Tab Manager Plus : One of the best tab managers from Chrome that lets you quickly find open tabs, see all windows in one view, find duplicates, and limit tabs by window.
  • Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder : a great screen capture and recording tool that allows you to easily share content across all platforms.
  • Kami : An interactive online learning space for students and teachers.
  • InsertLearning : Insert instructional content into any web page for an interactive learning experience.
  • Toucan : Learning a new language makes it fun and impressive.
  • Rememberry : Organizes words from the dictionary into decks of cards for quick revisions.
  • Stylus : Create and install custom themes and skins for your favorite websites.
  • Rakuten : Automatically finds coupons and offers across the web.

In a special blog post, Google also shared its list of the best Chrome OS apps for 2021. The list includes seven apps that fall into a variety of categories, including image editing, cloud play, communication, creativity, and more.

Check out the best Google extensions in the video below: