GTA 5: Impressive Batman mod with custom animations is now available

Photo Credits : Abijithka/Wikimedia Commons

A new impressive Batman Mod for GTA 5 not only lets players slip into the role of the Dark Knight but also offers their own custom animations.

Photo Credits: Warner Bros

For Grand Theft Auto 5, modder “JulioNIB” has released the final pre-release version of his Batman mod. With the help of this mod, players can slip into the role of the gloomy comic hero and enjoy numerous new skills, as well as some custom moves.

The special thing about the Batman Mod for GTA: The modder has created his own custom animations. This means that more interesting and impressive mods should be possible in the future. He was able to create his own animations with a new tool called AnimKit and other tools such as OpenIV, 3DStudio Max with GIMS Evo plug-in and CodeWalker.

Batman Mod for GTA 5: Lots of new attacks and custom moves

With the Batman Mod, the player can fire his grapple hook gun as Batman, pull his opponents towards him and then give them a full broadside. In addition, the player can also sail down from great heights with Batman’s Cape. Of course, Batman also has his loyal Batarangs and can summon other special weapons and vehicles. With his gadgets, he can carry out special custom attacks to disarm his target, to freeze him, to shock him with electricity, or to drop smoke bombs. Last but not least, Batman can do an impressive chin hook and dropkick. It should make the lawbreaker hunt all the more fun.