HIDE THE NUMBER OF LIKES: Instagram and Facebook now offer a new option to everyone

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

Instagram and Facebook introduced hiding likes for some users back in November 2019, and now that option will be available to everyone.

Still, there is a difference!

In 2019, hiding likes was not the choice for some users and they still do not have that option (our account is one of those).

This time, hiding likes will be an optional thing. The user will be able to choose whether to show or hide the number of likes from their followers. The app will continue to count them, but that number will only be visible to the profile owner.

With this option, both Facebook and Instagram want to prove that users are concentrated, that they are led by content, not just likes i.e. their quantity. Also, this possibility is added after numerous experts from various fields have proven that likes affect the mood and awareness of users. The number of likes on social networks is directly related to anxiety and other mental disorders, mostly among young users.

How to turn off Facebook and Instagram likes

It is important that you first update your Instagram and Facebook on Android and iOS applications and then follow some simple steps.

Let us know what you think about hiding likes on social networks!

By: Nitza – Gossip Whispers