Instagram will notify users if a crash occurs

Instagram users will soon be able to receive timely notification if a problem occurs, so they will no longer have to worry about a problem with their network or device

Instagram will notify users if a crash occurs

Photo Credits: Instagram / promo

Numerous users of Facebook services were taken aback last week, after services such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp became unavailable for several hours. The apology the day after the "big fall" was published by Mark Zuckerberg, and now on the company's blog appeared the news that Instagram will continue to inform users if again there is a similar problem.

“We are testing a new feature that will notify you in your activity feed when a malfunction or technical problem occurs and when it is resolved. We will not send notifications every time the service crashes, but when we notice that people are confused and looking for answers, we will try to clear up some things, ” the company explains.

Namely, after users notice that something is wrong with the application they are using, they usually first think that the problem is in their network or device, so Instagram wants to reduce the new frustrations at least to some extent with the new feature.

Instagram points out that the feature will first be tested by users from the United States, and if it proves useful, it will expand it globally. However, if this really happens, there is a good chance that similar notifications will appear on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook.

By: Amber V. - Zexron