Intel Arc – the manufacturer boasted about the performance of the graphics card

Photo Credits : intel / promo

Intel Arc graphics cards are perhaps one of the most anticipated premieres of 2022 – we expected the hardware to be unveiled at CES 2022, but it didn’t. However, the producer revealed some important information.

Why are we waiting so much for Intel cards? Intel Arc models are to breathe a breath of fresh air on the gaming equipment market – the designs will be used in gaming computers and laptops, where they will compete with Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon systems.

According to the manufacturer’s announcements, the Alchemist generation models (Xe HPG architecture) will be the first to debut on the market, offering support for DirectX 12 Ultimate (including hardware ray tracing) and the proprietary Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) scaling technology.

What models can we expect? Interesting information was revealed by Intel drivers – four cards were found here: Intel Arc A380, Intel Arc A350, Intel Arc A370M, and Intel Arc A350M (the first two are most likely cards for desktop computers, and the next two are mobile chips).

Intel confirms – graphics cards in the first quarter of 2022

Some time ago, the producer published a short video in which he boasts of Arc graphics cards – finally, we are looking forward to a new player on the market.

By the way, it was confirmed that the new systems are to debut in the first quarter of 2022. The material includes a visualization of a computer and laptop, but the manufacturer did not specify what systems are meant.

Intel Arc graphics cards are already making their way to hardware manufacturers

During CES 2022, too much information about the hardware was not disclosed, but we have gathered for you all the most important details from the Intel presentation.

Intel has only confirmed that the systems are delivered to OEM partners, and the first computers and laptops with Arc Alchemist cards are to appear in the first quarter of 2022 (there are reportedly 50 different designs – including Acer Swift X 14 laptops and Swift X 16, Alienware X17 and Lenovo Yoga).

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The new cards will offer support for Deep Link (this solution was introduced on the occasion of the 11th generation Core processors of Tiger Lake) – the technology will allow sharing the load between the graphics card and the integrated graphics chip, which should theoretically speed up operations related to video encoding. The function will be supported, among others in DaVinci Resolve.

By the way, it was confirmed that the developers are working on the implementation of XeSS technology in their games – Intel is working here with 505 Games, Codemasters, EXOR Studios, Fishlabs, Hashbane, IOI, Illfonic and Kojima Productions, Massive Work Studio, PUBG Studios, Techland, Ubisoft and Wonder People (one of the first titles to support this feature is Death Stranding Director’s Cut).

Well, we guess we expected something more from Intel’s presentation. However, it remains to wait for further information from the manufacturer and, of course, the premiere of the equipment.