Intel i9 12900K benchmark nearly scores double against Rocket Lake gaming CPUs

Photo Credits : Unsplash

The i9 12900K put in a score of 11,632, which isn’t too distant from this week’s approximation of 11,300. That is practically twofold the 6,419 accomplished by the first i9 11900K Rocket Lake flagship, while being the eleventh quickest CPU tested, falling behind Xeon, Epyc, and Threadripper processors.

This load of signs propose that Intel dropping its process down to 10nm from 14nm and utilizing a patched up big.LITTLE configuration is going to assist by boosting execution over the last generation.  Obviously, engineered benchmarks aren’t all that matters, and we’ll need to perceive how the chip acts in genuine interactivity before we can conclude whether it’s a competitor for the best gaming CPU. 

While it likewise beats the AMD flagship Ryzen 9 5950X‘s score of 10,428, Intel shouldn’t yet celebrate, as it probably won’t sit easily on the benchmark leaderboards for too long. The gap is outstandingly smaller here, so if the red team can convey comparative increases to Intel when its Zen 4 lineup shows up the following year, it could take the first place with its future flagship processor. 

The leaderboard additionally shows a score set by the i7 12700K CPU of 8,975. While not as amazing as the 81% expansion between the two i9 chips, it actually has a score 57% higher than the previous one’s 5,709.

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers