Is illuminated better? We are checking the new Arctic P14 fans

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LED-backlit fans can be an interesting idea to upgrade your computer. We check whether the latest models from the Arctic offer – the P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB models will really work for the modernization of the PC.

  • The Arctic offer includes special, illuminated versions of the P12 and P14 fans – these are high-pressure models adapted to be mounted on coolers and CPU coolers.
  • Our editorial office has received the Arctic P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB, a 140-millimeter model with an addressable LED backlight. In addition, the manufacturer’s offer includes a version with ordinary RGB LED backlight.

How do I improve my computer? There are many ideas – you can buy a more efficient processor, replace the graphics card or add RAM. All methods come down to the modernization of components, thanks to which they should translate into better performance in games and/or programs. A less popular (but still interesting!) idea may be replacing the fans. This solution will improve the cooling of components, and at the same time improve the appearance of the computer.

It just so happens that we have got new “propellers” from the Arctic company – P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB models, i.e. the evolution of the valued P14 models in the version with LED backlight. The manufacturer boasts that it is a proposal addressed to enthusiasts who are looking for efficient, quiet, and effective fans. Is it really? We decided to check it out!

Arctic P12 and P14 fans in illuminated versions

The new Arctic fans come in two sizes: 120mm (P12) and 140mm (P14), and you can choose a version with regular (RGB) or addressable LED backlight (A-RGB). To make it easier for you to get an idea, you can find a comparison of their specifications below:

ModelArctic P12 PWM PSTArctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dBArctic P12 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB
Size120 x 120 x 25 mm120 x 120 x 25 mm120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rotation speed200 – 1800 RPM0 – 2000 RPM0 – 2000 RPM
Generated noise0.3 sone0.3 sone0.3 sone
Air flow56.3 CFM / 95.7 m³ / h48.8 CFM / 82.91 m³ / h48.8 CFM / 82.91 m³ / h
Static pressure2.20 mm H₂O1.85 mm H₂O1.85 mm H₂O
Plug4-pin4-pin + 4-pin4-pin + 4-pin
price$ 6$ 15$ 17
ModelArctic P14 PWM PSTArctic P14 PWM PST RGB 0dBArctic P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB
Size140 x 140 x 27 mm140 x 140 x 27 mm140 x 140 x 27 mm
Rotation speed200 – 1700 RPM0 – 1900 RPM0 – 1900 RPM
Generated noise0.3 sone0.3 sone0.3 sone
Air flow72.8 CFM / 123.76 m³ / h68.9 CFM / 117.06 m³ / h68.9 CFM / 117.06 m³ / h
Static pressure2.40 mm H₂O2.00 mm H₂O2.00 mm H₂O
Plug4-pin4-pin + 4-pin4-pin + 4-pin
price$ 7$ 18$ 20

How does it look “on paper“? Illuminated versions offer slightly worse parameters than standard models, but they will additionally beautify the inside of the computer – the manufacturer has provided a standard RGB backlight (the entire fan is in one freely selected color) or addressable (the fan can be in several freely set colors at once).

Unfortunately, you also have to take into account much higher prices – illuminated fans are 2x – 3x more expensive than ordinary ones. It is worth noting, however, that the manufacturer also offers 3-packs of such models, which after conversion are slightly more favorable than single pieces (P12 RGB / A-ARGB – 35/45 $ and P14 RGB / A-RGB – 40/45 $). If you plan to buy several models, it will definitely be a better proposition.

Arctic P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB – really that special?

The Arctic P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB fan has been optimized for high airflow and high static pressure. This means that such a model will be especially suitable for heat sinks and coolers with densely arranged fins.

It is worth paying attention to the construction of the fan. The manufacturer used a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) with a new lubrication system. Thanks to a special design, the bearing is to operate at lower temperatures, which in turn is to translate into quieter operation and lower failure rate of the fan.

The specially profiled blades (connected with a ring) and the frame with rubber vibration damping pads are also important. The manufacturer boasts that such a design allows for better performance, and at the same time translates into a higher work culture. 

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How does this affect performance? The rotational speed of the “propeller” can be adjusted in the range of 0 – 1900 RPM – the maximum airflow is 68.9 CFM, and the static pressure is 2.00 mm H₂O. The maximum generated noise is 0.3 sone. In addition, the manufacturer provides for the possibility of passive work – ZeroRPM, thanks to which the fan can be turned off (and at the same time completely inaudible) when the computer is under low load.

You can also find a curiosity here. Arctica models use PST (PWM Sharing Technology) technology, i.e. a double plug, thanks to which several fans can be connected together and their rotation speed synchronized. The solution is especially suitable for cooling with several fans because it will allow obtaining the same parameters in terms of efficiency and acoustics of work.

Opinion about Arctic P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB


  • Very good performance,
  • Good work culture,
  • Addressable LED backlight,
  • Possibility to synchronize several fans.


  • Clearly higher price than the regular P14 models.

You can buy this product on Amazon for 20$.