Is the party over? Shiba Inu collapses and kills half of earnings

Photo Credits : Unsplash

The crypto industry is flaunting its volatility again. The Shiba Inu meme coin, which achieved increases of more than 300% in the week yesterday, today plummets 30% and eliminates half of the weekly gains, which are now up 170%.

Fans of this market wonder if this decline is a one-off or will it continue for the next few days.

And yesterday, since the Coinbase platform accepted Shiba Inu, the trajectory of this asset has been meteoric.

It has become the most traded cryptocurrency on Coinbase. 24-hour trading volume was 1.3 billion, nearly doubling to bitcoin, with 774 million dollars.

The crypto managed to conquer position number 15 in the ranking of the main cryptocurrencies yesterday, and this morning it falls to position number 22.

The rumor continues in the market that Robinhood could accept this coin.

By: Amber V. – Zexron