LG 27gn800-B Review: Every frame matters

This monito LG’s UltraGear brand focuses on the gaming scene thanks to a solid panel and classic gaming design. Monitor has a diagonal of 27”.

LG 27gn800-B Review: Every frame matters

Photo Credits: LG/Promo

This monito LG’s UltraGear brand focuses on the gaming scene thanks to a solid panel and classic gaming design. By gaming design we mean, of course, the black and red colors of the case, which will quickly reveal its purpose to anyone who sees it. This does not mean that you cannot use the monitor for other, more professional purposes, although we recommend a couple of adjustments.

Let’s start with the design itself

The monitor has a diagonal of 27” which will be the ideal dimensions for most users, especially if you are planning a setup with multiple monitors. The monitor panel is flat, and also has very thin edges where the case protrudes with a thickness of only one millimeter, and the black edge under the windshield extends another 5-6 mm on three sides of the monitor, while the bottom edge is standard slightly thicker. He finds electronics. The back is completely clad in plastic, with red details and a protruding center of the monitor. Here at the bottom, there is a holder to which the monitor stand is connected. On the right side, we have a recess with all the slots, while in the middle there is a connector for 100 x 100 VESA mounting. From the connectors, we have two HDMI slots and one DisplayPort, and there is also a headphone output. The VESA connector is separate from the stand that comes with the monitor, which gives you the option to attach a Mini PC here as well. The metal stand is clad in plastic and is perhaps the only noticeable minus to the monitor. Namely, apart from easy tilt control, you don’t have any options to adjust the monitor on this stand. If the height is not adequate for you, you will either put books under the monitor or buy a VESA stand.

The monitor offers seven pre-defined modes so you can change them quickly, and apart from that, the OBD monitor has a number of detailed settings divided into “Picture” and “Game”. While Picture Adjust offers customization of image appearance, brightness and other settings, Game Adjust offers customization of details such as VRR, motion blur reduction and matrix responsiveness, and you can add a fixed sight to the screen for more precise gaming.

Although it is an IPS panel, the gaming responsiveness is impressively high and you will hardly find a similar monitor in this price range. On the other hand, the panel also covers the entire sRGB spectrum in standard and HDR mode and the colors are in games, but also when watching multimedia impressive and saturated look even from sharper angles so the display is clear even if someone is sitting next to you.

More information about the specification and price here.