Logitech Signature M650 test: Office mouse for all

Logitech Signature M650 test: Office mouse for all

Photo Credits: Logitech/Promo

It should bring comfort and productivity to the office: the Logitech Signature M650. In return, it offers several additional functions designed for the office, such as Smart Wheel and quiet keys.

We tested the wireless office mouse.

With the Signature M650, Logitech clearly focuses on two points: ergonomics and smart scrolling. The mouse should boast a good fit regardless of the hand size and intelligent additional functions for the mouse wheel and thus stand out from the competition in the field of office mice. In the following practical test, we will check whether the office mouse is worth the price and how convincing the core features are.

Logitech Signature M650 in the test: ergonomics, design, and workmanship

In addition to three color options (graphite, white, and rose), those interested in the M650 can choose between the two sizes medium (107 x 62 x 38 mm at 101 g) and large (118 x 66 x 42 mm at 111 g). Logitech recommends the latter from a hand length of 19 cm. The large option is also available as a left-handed variant for left-handers.

In addition, Logitech has opted for an ergonomic shape that appears with indentations on both sides of the mouse. While the indentation on the thumb side ensures a comfortable hand position, the indentation on the opposite side turned out to be a bit too deep for our case. Since every hand is shaped differently, this does not have to apply to all users. Logitech also textured the sides of the M650.

This ensures a firm grip when in use so that the office mouse does not slip. The rather high mouse base also contributes to this, which gives the M650 a rather compressed design but helps when grasping the rodent. Four small slip zones are installed on the underside, which ensures acceptable slip properties. On a positive note, Logitech uses at least some recycled material for the M650: Depending on the color, 26% (white and rose) or 64% (graphite) of the plastic used (mainly the mouse shell called Shell) is recycled.

Logitech Signature M650 in the test: connection, setup, and runtime

Setting up the M650 is quick and easy, as you'd expect from Logitech. Depending on our preference, we use the included Logi-Bolt adapter for a wireless connection or use low-energy Bluetooth. In a first step, we release the former from the underside of the mouse.

After plugging in the USB dongle or a short search for new Bluetooth devices in the computer settings, the computer recognizes the M650 directly and after a short setup of the mouse, you can start without any further action. For the power supply, Logitech uses an AA battery for the M650, which is included and already installed. Depending on the type of connection, Logitech promises a term of 20 months (Bluetooth) or 24 months (USB receiver).

The M650 could also be operated without any problems from the opposite side of the home office (approx. 6 m). Logitech specifies the maximum range as 10 meters. Even if the computer is a little further away, for example in a presentation room, there shouldn't be any problems.

In addition to Windows, the M650 also supports MacOS, Linux, iPadOS, and Android. Here, too, there were no unexpected hurdles to overcome during the setup. In addition, the office mouse is certified with "Works with Chromebook".

If you want to fine-tune the M650 further, you can download the optional and free software Logitech Options+. This is still in the beta phase, but we received access via the regular route within a few seconds. DPI, key assignments, scrolling behavior such as inverted scrolling, and additional profiles for software such as Teams, Photoshop, and Chrome can be set up in the software.

The M650 does not have an easy-switch function for quickly switching between several devices, such as that offered by the MX Anywhere 3 (test).

Logitech Signature M650 in the test: buttons, mouse wheel, and sensor

Logitech keeps what it promises when it comes to the keys: They are extremely quiet and make almost no noise when clicked. In addition to the two main buttons, the M650 also offers a clickable mouse wheel and two thumb buttons. These are easy to reach but are much more audible when clicked than the other keys. In return, useful additional functions in everyday office life can be accessed, such as fast forward and backward switching in browsers.

Another focus point from Logitech in the application of the Signature M650 is the mouse wheel. This is operated in stages as standard and triggers without much resistance. A special feature of the mouse wheel is the smart wheel scrolling. If we nudge the mouse wheel and then let it spin freely, it switches from step scrolling to free scrolling, allowing us to quickly scroll through longer texts instead of the more precise but slower steps.

Under the hood is an optical sensor with Logitech's advanced optical tracking technology. This offers a sensitivity of 400 to 2,000 dpi and detects movements on the mouse pad, wood, and fabric.

Logitech Signature M650 in the test: conclusion

All in all, the M650 is a solid mouse that easily handles all the demands of everyday work. Minor negative points cannot cloud the overall conclusion. However, cheaper office mice often master this mandatory part without much criticism. The M650 will be particularly exciting for those who appreciate the smart wheel function and the quiet keys. In addition, the M650 is an excellent choice for left-handed users who are often left empty-handed in the mouse market.