Lost ark had 4.7 million players since its launch

Photo Credits : Amazon Games / Promo

In the Steam statistics, Lost Ark has already had strong results in concurrent players, exceeding one million. Amazon itself reported in a press release that more than 4.7 million players are said to have registered for Lost Ark since the start.

Amazon’s MMORPG Lost Ark, like New World before it, caused quite a stir after its release. Over a million concurrent players at the beginning on Steam, consequently server problems and long queues. However, these things are not uncommon when player traffic is high. Publisher Amazon has now announced in a press release that the total number of players is significantly higher. According to Amazon, 4.7 million players have registered for Lost Ark since its release. Of these, 55 percent come from the American continent and 45 percent from Europe.

Lost Ark strong on Twitch – those responsible are satisfied

Lost Ark’s Twitch balance sheet is also impressive. The MMORPG is said to have recorded 1.2 million concurrent viewers there, 59.9 million hours of playback time, and more than 112,000 streams held so far. So it is not surprising that Amazon is entering the race with high ambitions. The Vice President of Games, Mike Frazzini, had the following to say about it.

“Our goal is to become the most customer-centric game company out there, for both players and developers. Lost Ark is our first externally developed game. We’re delighted with the response from players and to be able to offer the best that Amazon has to offer from Prime Gaming to Twitch to the Amazon marketplace – to help Lost Ark reach and enjoy huge audiences around the world.”

Christoph Hartmann, the vice president at Amazon Games, added:

“We are touched and delighted by the enthusiastic response from players to Lost Ark. It is a great honor to have two titles in the top five most played games on Steam and we are grateful to the Lost Ark and Steam communities for making this possible. We’re working closely with Smilegate RPG to release more content and regular updates for Lost Ark, and to continue to maintain a global player community. This is just the beginning and we’re excited to see where the community takes us.”

From these statements by leading figures in Amazon’s games division, it can be deduced that Lost Ark appears to be just one stop on a successful journey in game development. Currently, several unannounced projects at Amazon Games are said to be in the pipeline. These include a multiplayer title being produced by some of the creators of Rainbow Six Siege, a project in development at San Diego Studios, and a multiplayer co-op title Glowmade is working on.