Michael Jackson’s daughter took off her clothes for a role!

Photo Credits : Promo

Paris Jackson (23) exposed herself for the needs of the new film “The Space Between” and delighted the audience with her appearance.

Namely, the daughter of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson interprets the role of Cory in a new dramatic comedy, and for the needs of the film, she took off her clothes and was topless.

In one scene, half-naked Paris is seen lying in bed with her colleague Jackson James White who is playing the role of Charlie Porter, while in another scene she is standing topless in a dark room full of men.

The director of the film is Rachel Winter, and the film has already been highly rated on the IMDB website.

Pretty“, “Beautiful breasts“, “Amazing belly“, “Go ahead, you are as brave as your late father“, were just some of the fans’ comments.

By the way, Paris is a big proponent of free nudity on the internet, and on one occasion she said:

For those who are wondering why I advocate nudity. It’s a movement I call “returning to nature,” “expressing freedom,” and “how to be healthier”. Some even say that it is a philosophy …” – she explained.

Nudity is what makes us human, and that connects me to Mother Nature. I’m always naked when I’m in the garden. It is not necessary to connect it with sexuality in the way that Hollywood stars and the media do “- she concluded.

By: Olivia J. – Gossip Whispers