Microsoft is working on Windows 12 – or is it?

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Microsoft MVP allegedly claim that Microsoft should start working on Windows 12 in March. What’s with the rumors?

Windows 11 has officially been available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users since October 5, 2021. Microsoft promises that all users with a compatible PC will receive an update offer by the middle of this year. However, some users are not very impressed with the previous Windows 11 version 21H2. For example, one is bothered by the fact that the taskbar has lost many previous functions. Microsoft should start preparing for Windows 12 as early as March. This is based on the one hand on allegedly own sources, according to which Microsoft is looking for new employees, and on the other hand on a tweet from the Microsoft MVP and author of SwiftOnSecurity.

What should Windows 12 offer?

The SwiftOnSecurity tweet has since been deleted. According to his information, Windows 12 should require two TPM modules. After all, Microsoft has already shown with Windows 11 and the obligation to activate the TPM module in which direction it is going. Author Juergen admits the tweet surrounding the two TPM modules was a troll post. Windows 12 is said to be based on Windows 10X, an operating system that never saw the light of screens. According to the leaks, Windows 12 should be an OS with a new substructure without legacy issues.

What are the rumors about Windows 12?

However, the published information should be treated with caution. After all, SwiftOnSecurity didn’t give any concrete sources and only write from internal sources. Microsoft itself has not commented on a successor to Windows 11 at all. Officially, it is said that Windows 11 will be provided with feature updates for a decade until around 2030. Every year there is an optional feature update for Windows 11. Work on Windows 11 version 23H2 may start in March, after work on this year’s feature update already running. Windows 12 may also mean a new SKU, i.e. a new edition of Windows 11, which is called Windows 12 in the working title. Only time can tell what the rumors are really about.

In other news, Microsoft recently released a new preview version of Windows 11 in the Windows Insider program. The Windows 11 Insider Preview 22557 brings numerous innovations, such as drag and drop for the taskbar, app folders in the start menu and many other new features. Microsoft has brought a few optimizations, especially for gamers that can be activated in the Settings app if desired. As Microsoft executive Hannah Fischer explains in the blog post, the improvements revolve around DirectX 11 and DirectX 10 games, which are played in window mode, i.e. do not run in full screen. Nothing should change for all games that are played in full screen, since the corresponding settings are already activated there by default. To disable, right-click the game’s .exe file, select Properties, and click Disable Full-Screen Optimizations in the Compatibility tab.