Motorola has won great recognition for the safety of its phones

Photo Credits : Motorola / promo

Press Release

Motorola ThinkShield for mobile security platform has won the “Mobile Security Solution Provider of the Year” award, given by the organization Breakthrough Mobile, a leading independent body specialized in the research sphere most competitive technologies such as cyber security and IoT.

Mobile Breakthrough, a leading independent agency that awards special accolades to companies, technologies, and products in the mobile market, has announced that Motorola Mobility has been selected as the winner in the Mobile Security Solution Provider category.

Safety is at the heart of every Motorola product. And as mobile threats continue to evolve, with the help of user advice, Motorola has introduced ThinkShield for mobile.

With this addition to Lenovo’s ThinkShield portfolio, Motorola brings 360 ° business protection to all business users, from built-in security features from a proven vendor chain, providing special trust in the company’s hardware and clean operating system, to advanced security through optional AI solutions such as Moto Threat Defense by Zimperium and moto OEM config.

“With ThinkShield for mobile, we provide users with peace of mind and safe use of their devices by knowing that their phones are protected with comprehensive protection and management solutions that deliver enhanced built-in security,” said Sudhir Chadaga, Motorola’s Chief Strategy Officer.

The mission of the annual Mobile Breakthrough Awards is to recognize excellence and reward innovation, hard work, and success in the categories of mobile phones and wireless technology, including Cloud Computing, Mobile Management, Wireless and Broadband, Mobile Analytics, IoT, and many others.

All nominations were approved by an independent panel of industry experts.

Smartphones are at the center of our business and private life, which is why companies and individuals need security on their devices that protects sensitive data and protects against threats. This is especially important if we take into account the fact that our phones are used in a number of environments that may not be as secure, ”said James Johnson, CEO at Mobile Breakthrough.

Since its inception, Motorola has been striving for meaningful innovation, and this mission continues with the ThinkShield for mobile security solution to provide customers with much-needed security in a world where mobile threats lurk at every turn.

By: Olivia J. – Zexron