MSI announces a huge 55-inch OLED gaming monitor

Photo Credits : msi

The first screen that MSI has hinted at has a curved mini-LED screen with a refresh rate of 165 Hz that promises excellent color reproduction thanks to a number of technologies. The second screen is a massive 55-inch OLED monitor designed for gaming consoles.

The curved monitor, called the MSI MEG Artymis 341, is the first in the industry with its sharp curvature combined with mini-LED backlighting. It meets the requirements of the VESA Display HDR 1000, supports at least HDR10 high dynamic range content, and achieves a brightness of at least 1,000 nits at peak brightness.

The MEG Artymis 341 has a 34-inch screen with a native resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a width-to-height ratio of 21: 9. The technology used in its creation enables the production of a wide range of colors and a high-quality image. It combines Optronics adaptive mini-LED technology, full-range local dimming (FALD) based on mini-LED backlighting, and MSI’s premium quantum dot films.

The above specifications should definitely contribute to a fantastic viewing experience. The monitor is likely to provide high contrasts, deep blacks, and high brightness. Superior images should not be to the detriment of gaming, as the MSI MEG Artymis also has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a response time of 1 millisecond. The screen also has a fairly sharp 1000R arc curve and an 800R center curve.

MSI has not revealed additional details about its new curved display, such as whether it will rotate or have an adjustable stand.

MSI has another ace up its sleeve that is also geared towards gamers – although this one seems to be geared towards playing on consoles rather than the PC. The MSI MEG 551U OLED is the company’s upcoming 55-inch OLED monitor for the gaming sector. With a very large and wide screen, it promises high image quality for those who enjoy games on huge screens.

Both of these screens are aimed at the premium sector. The curved model seems to combine everything most users want to see on one of the best gaming monitors – fantastic image quality and high refresh rates. This combination makes it suitable for both fast shooters and impressive RPG games.

The prices of these new monitors have not been announced yet, but it is clear that they are probably not cheap. MSI has hinted that both will be available for sale sometime in 2022.

By: Olivia J.