New Geforce is poorly available despite high prices

Photo Credits : Nvidia / promo

While the real entry-level models of the new GPU generations are still a long way off, Nvidia is trying to bring more graphics cards to players by re-producing the Geforce RTX 2060 in a modified form. Read below whether this works and where you can currently buy the Geforce RTX 2060.

Photo Credits: Nvidia / promo

The Geforce RTX 2060 came on the market at the beginning of 2019 and offered entry into ray tracing and DLSS for 369 €. As a stripped-down version of an RTX 2070, it offered a TU106-200A-KA GPU and decent performance. One of their handicaps from the factory was the less future-proof memory expansion of only 6 GiB, which was due to the 192-bit wide memory interface. The next largest possible expansion would have been 12 GB, which Nvidia did not want to grant the players at the time.

In the current shortage, the prices of all graphics cards have rocketed to astronomical heights, but the worst hit is the new Ampere cards from Nvidia. These are manufactured in the 8-nanometer process at Samsung, unlike Turing, which was produced in 12 nm at TSMC. In response to the shortage, Nvidia has launched the outdated RTX 2060, a medley of RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 Super. This can use production capacities in the “old” process and accordingly bring at least some relaxation to the graphics card market. Although the card should officially already be available, it is not yet. It wouldn’t be the first paper launch of a new GPU, but usually, at least a few successful orders and listings in the resale area are known.

The RTX 2060 12 GB does not need the Founders Edition and is therefore only available in partner models. From December 7th, partners were allowed to sell the card, but apparently, not enough models could be produced in advance. Nvidia itself assumes that this situation should improve from the end of December to January and that the RTX 2060 12 GB should then be available nationwide. There is no official price recommendation so far, but initial offers were already over 600 € for an entry-level version, the MSI RTX 2060 Ventus 12G.