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If you are planning to upgrade your computer in the next year, be prepared for another unexpected expense.

After AMD announced it was switching from RGA to LGA socket, Intel also announced that their Alder Lake processors would come with a new, redesigned V0 socket.

When we say expenditure, we mean primarily the CPU cooler, which we have been able to change from generation to generation of processors so far, so it really made sense to invest in a good CPU cooler, because you knew it would last at least a few generations.

The LGA1700 is a new Intel socket that will need to be changed as Intel changes the architecture, by combining large and small cores designed for different jobs, to be produced in a 10 nm manufacturing process.

The new socket will intentionally have mounting holes that will be intentionally changed.

Due to the changes, the new generation of processors will be significantly lower on the board with a height of 7.5 mm, compared to 8 mm as the current H5 socket has.

Simply remodeling the cooler would be too complicated, so Intel deliberately made new mounting holes so that it would not occur to anyone to use old coolers for new processors and not provide adequate cooling in the process, which will be very important to Alder Lake processors.

Rectangular design

Also, the new Alder Lake processors will not be square-shaped, but distinctly rectangular, and the package will include a BOX cooler compatible with the new boards.

Intel has been using the 14 nm manufacturing process for seven years, and more than that the well-known holes for mounting the heatsink, with small deviations that were solved by adapters. We now have a new 10 nm generation, rectangular processors, and an LGA1700 socket with new holes.

A similar thing is happening in the AMD camp, but according to the information we have now received, the new socket does not require a new cooler and the mounting holes remain in the same places, and only the socket type changes.

By: Deya – Gossip Whispers