New interesting news and features from Alexa

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Alexa continues to discover new features

The latest news from Alexa, now a well-known Amazon affiliate. To find all our tests, it happens here. Recently, the American company launched Echo Show 10, which we told you about in more detail here.

Meet Venom when Venom 2 comes out on Prime Video!

Just ask, “Alexa, say hello to Venom.”


Alexa, start with the English translation

Current translation, do you like it? Alexa can translate into several languages ​​such as English, Spanish, or Italian live!

Alexa, play a comedy podcast

Now you can ask Alexa to recommend a podcast, suggest a podcast on the topic, or just play your favorite podcast on Amazon Music.


Alexa, turn on the bedroom

You can group your light bulbs and smart sockets around the room using the Alexa app.

Alexa, how do you turn off the microphones?

Smart speakers have a button to mute the microphone electronically. Visit the Alexa portal and your personal information to learn how Amazon and Alexa protect your personal information.

Alexa, good evening

Alexa, play the story on Apple Podcasts

To get started, just ask Alexa to play your favorite podcast on Apple Podcasts. Already have an Apple ID? Don’t forget to link your Apple Podcasts account with the Alexa app.

Alexa, what’s the news?

Enjoy long news with radio stations such as France Info, France Inter, Radio France and Europe 1. Set the desired news source in the Settings menu: News: My news channel in the Alec app.

“Alexa, cancel all my alarms”

“Alexa, set the alarm volume to 6‌”

You can now adjust the alarm and timer volume. Just ask for your Alexa device.


“Alexa, what’s the highlight of the day?”

“Alexa, what’s the weather forecast for the weekend in Paris?”

“Aleka, launch Elle horoscope”

“Alexa, when do I have free time today?”

You can also ask Alexa to notify you when the next event on your calendar approaches. Go to the Alexa app, settings section, and then to the calendar to activate the “calendar notifications” option.

“Alexa, do I have any messages?”

When you receive a new message, Alexa notifies you either through a yellow light ring (echo devices without a screen) or directly on your screen.

“Alexa, give me an idea for fondant”

“Alexa, play ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’”

This week, Audible invites you to discover a free excerpt of the title “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.