New Need for Speed ​​in the fall

Photo Credits : EA / Promo

Publisher EA is supposed to launch a new Need for Speed ​​from Criterion in the fall. Now there are rumors that the arcade racing game could be presented with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2.

As EA announced in 2019, Criterion will be responsible for Need for Speed ​​again in the future, since the previous developer Ghost Games has not had any success with NFS games. Since that announcement, things have gone quiet around the arcade racing franchise. The background is the workload of the Criterion development studio since the studio had worked together with Dice and Dice LA on Battlefield 2042 and therefore simply no longer had the time for the parallel development of a new Need for Speed. As Tom Henderson claims to have learned, a new Need for Speed ​​will be presented in autumn 2022, possibly together with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 by Respawn Entertainment. The new Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order would maybe be announced on May 4th.

Criterion & Codemasters develop racing games for publisher EA

As early as July 2021, Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele announced that fans would have to wait until 2023 for a new Need for Speed. However, the EA employee meant the fiscal year, so a release of the arcade racing game in autumn 2022 appears possible. What the new NFS has to offer is completely open. In 2010, publisher EA had the British developer studio Criterion Games develop a new edition of Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit. It was the last installment in the glorious NFS series to achieve good reviews and sales. But despite the numbers, criticism from fans grew louder because there was no tuning of the cars and the game involves online compulsory. In 2020 there was a remastered version of this series part.

The division of the developer departments is also interesting. EA had just incorporated the British studio Codemasters last year. Codemasters Racing is to become the racing game department at EA and will bring new racing games to the market every year. This includes the officially licensed games for Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship WRC (from 2023). Both F1 and WRC have official e-sports championships that give EA a quasi-guaranteed number of players since in principle every user of – for example, F1 2021. Participate in competitions via the online mode and with talent and luck, you can also enter the e-sports business and earn money from it. No Need for Speed ​​has such an online mode with an e-sports championship. However, these e-sports competitions do not exist in the Codemasters games Dirt 5 and Grid Legends either. One question will be how Criterion Games and Codemasters Racing divide the racing game series among themselves. Separation according to the degree of realism would be possible, so that Codemasters only develops the Simcade and simulation racing games and Criterion concentrates on arcade racing games, almost as a competitor to Forza Horizon 5.