New standard coolers at Alder Lake: A touch of AMD

Photo Credits : MAXENCE PIRA/Unsplash

Intel will equip Alder Lake with new coolers – that was already suspected in September when the first indications were given. The concept of the laminar cooler is reminiscent of AMD, in that it also offers something for the eye.

Photo Credits: VIDEOCARDZ

The rumor mill had already rumored some time ago that there will be new standard coolers from Intel at Alder Lake and they have now also leaked as an apparently final product image. The coolers apparently called Laminar are not included with the current K processors (“boxed without cooler”), as they are already available in the form of three models. Rather, they are standard equipment on the smaller boxed models that will likely be presented at CES and released earlier this year. In addition, one model suggests that it covers for K use at OEMs or that it comes with a “boxed with cooler”.

A touch of AMD

The coolers are a little reminiscent of AMD. When the topic was brought up again, it was above all more aesthetic and Intel’s Laminar program is already comparable. AMD has five products in different TDP classes and with increasing RGB functionality – from the Wraith Stealth to the Wraith Prism. At Intel, coolers have so far primarily been characterized by functionality, as was once the case with AMD, but the new generation now also has something for the eye. It remains to be seen whether this is technically an improvement. In recent years, Intel’s coolers have mainly suffered from dwindling material usage, which ultimately led to more fan noise.

There will obviously be three fans: RH1, RM1 and RS1 – the high-resolution image comes from the RM1, which curbs up to 65 watts TDP. The RH1 has a Core i9 logo on the packaging, which presumably covers the window up to 125 watts TDP and the RS1 will keep you happy up to 35/45 watts TDP. The push-pin technology is retained and has fundamentally proven itself even for the average user. The fact that enthusiasts are usually looking for something more robust is evident in Intel’s reaction to delivering the K models for retail sales without a cooler. Either you add boxed models with a cooler or the RH1 serves the complete system provider who needs a standard solution off the shelf.

And then we’re back at AMD because Intel’s Laminar program is already comparable to that of AMD in terms of staggering. There are five products in different TDP classes and with increasing RGB functionality – from the Wraith Stealth to the Wraith Prism.