New update for GTA Online including Dr. Dre

Photo Credits : Rockstar Games / promo

But no new music for GTA 6: Rockstar Games has presented a new story for GTA Online in which Franklin, one of the protagonists from GTA 5, returns. This should appear next week and bear the name “The Contract”. The US rapper and producer Dr. Dre will be represented in the new story.

Photo Credits: Rockstar Games / promo

While GTA fans are currently waiting eagerly for GTA 6 and are hoping for an announcement at this year’s Game Awards, Rockstar Games continues to provide them with updates for GTA Online. The next of its kind is due on December 15th and marks the return of Franklin Clinton from GTA 5. The new story is called “The Contract” and is thematically related to the music business.

Photo Credits: Rockstar Games / promo

The Contract – An Adventure with Dr. Dre and new music

The player’s job is to help Franklin build his new agency and sign his first major client. This is the well-known US rapper and producer Dr. Dre. With Franklin, it won’t be the only character from GTA 5, because Lamar Davis and Franklin’s dog Chop will also be there, as well as the hacker Imani. In order for the venture to succeed, Dr. Dre’s stolen phone, with unreleased music on it, has gotten into the wrong hands.

The Contract also offers something for the ear: Exclusive and new tracks by Dr. Dre and other notable artists as well as updates to existing radio stations are promised by Rockstar Games. A completely new radio station will also be launched, which will feature guest DJs. Additional jobs can also be carried out for Franklin’s agency, such as selected attacks on players. The contract players should also get ready for new weapons and vehicles.

More information on the new update, which will be released on December 15th and, like every expansion in GTA Online, will be free of charge, will be published on Rockstar Newswire in the coming days.